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Anti-wrinkle treatments 
tailored for you.

Dr Jake Sloane's anti-wrinkle treatments are customised for every face.


Depending on your muscle strength, wrinkle pattern, asymmetries, skin quality and desired outcome, anti-wrinkle treatments can be designed to achieve safe, stunning and natural-looking results.


Despite the name, these treatments can also do far more including helping to lift the lower face, treat teeth grinding/clenching (bruxism), improve chronic migraines, slim the face, reduce excessive sweating and even help reduce the symptoms of hayfever.

What are anti wrinkle treatments?

These treatments form the foundation of cosmetic injectables. They are most commonly used to improve the wrinkles of:

- the frown area (between the eyebrows when we look angry)

- the forehead area (the lines when we raise our eyebrows)

- the 'crow's feet' areas (the lines around the eyes)


By law in Australia, we aren't allowed to advertise the brand names of any medicines, including the brand of any injectable products. So you'll usually see these types of treatments generically referred to as 'anti-wrinkle injections'. Dr Jake only uses the Allergan brand of anti-wrinkle treatment and is a national & international trainer using this product.

Even though we calling it anti-wrinkle', the product used is incredibly versatile and is used other treatments including excessive sweating treatments, chronic migraine treatments, teeth grinding/teeth clenching (bruxism) treatments and even for hayfever treatments.


Key features of anti wrinkle treatments 


New patient consultations + treatments = 45 mins

Existing patient treatments = 30 mins

Full face indications

Most commonly the wrinkles of the frown, forehead and 'crow's feet' areas are treated. But several other areas of the face including the chin, corners of the mouth, 'lip flip' & neck bands can be treated to improve symptoms of dimpling, lip shape or sagging. 

Outstanding satisfaction

Anti-wrinkle treatments are the world's number one non-surgical treatment. Patients consistently report outstanding satisfaction saying that they look 'fresher' and having more confidence after.

Excellent longevity

Dr Jake Sloane will suggest doses of anti-wrinkle product that last on average 3-4 months. Therefore most patients will benefit from having anti-wrinkle treatments 3-4 times a year to achieve a stunning and consistent look.


What is the downtime & aftercare for anti-wrinkle treatments?

  • After your first consultation has been performed, anti-wrinkle treatments are quick and with minimal downtime.


  • You'll experience some mild redness and 'swellings' at injection site - this is just the produce injected under the skin and these will disappear within 10-20 minutes.


  • As with any needle treatments that penetrate the skin, bruising is possible but in Dr Jake's hands is fairly uncommon. Bruises are most common around the eyes and can be hidden with makeup in the event that you develop one.



Price guide

Every face is unique and an in depth consultation is needed to assess your needs. Dr Jake will calculate how many units are required for the look that you want and so that you also achieve a long lasting result

Priced according to how many units are required

0-49 Units

$16.5 per unit

50-59 units

$16 per unit

60+ units

$15.5 per unit


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