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Rejuran® treatments tailored for you.

Rejuran® is the first of a new class of injectable products called polynucleotides. It is currently the only TGA-approved polynucleotide available in Australia.


Polynucleotides are not fillers, bio-remodellers or bio-stimulators. Instead they are a completely new class of injectables that utilise your body's regenerative capabilities. The outcome when injected into the skin is healing, repair and rejuvenation.

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What is Rejuran®?

Rejuran®  is a clear, colourless and odourless solution that comes in three different varieties for specific uses.


1) Rejuran® Skin Healer is for improving the skin quality of the face, neck, décolletage and hands

2) Rejuran® I is a thinner solution designed specifically for improving the skin quality of the under eyes

3) Rejuran® S is a thicker and more concentrated solution specifically for improving scar tissue and wound healing


Regardless off the type of Rejuran® used, they are contain polynucleotides or 'PN' for short. These are marine-sourced, purified, bio-active DNA fragments. This is a clear, colourless, odourless solution and is priced per syringe. 


When injected, polynucleotides help stimulate your body's own regenerative and repair mechanisms. They help increase the proliferation of fibroblast cells, one of the key components of the body's skin. This promotes long-term elastin and collagen production in the skin, key products of the skin that we loss as we age.

Key features of Rejuran® treatments 


New patient Rejuran® consultation + treatments = 60 mins.

​Existing patient consultations + treatments = 45 mins.

Skin quality improvement

Common areas to treat using Rejuran® include the skin of the entire face and the neck. Improved elasticity, tone, texture, fine lines, glow, pigmentation and healing are the most common effects.

How many treatments?

3 treatments are recommended, 2-3 weeks apart, followed by one every 6 months for maintenance.


The most common downtime with Rejuran® is visible 24 hours of Since Rejuran isn't a filler, serious complications like vascular occlusions and blindness are not risks associated with it. 

What is the downtime & aftercare for Rejuran® ?

  • Rejuran® is injected as tiny dots, all over the area treated. This is associated with some minor discomfort and you will have multiple tiny bumps for 1-2 days. No massage is needed of these areas as they will self-disperse. 

  • This visible downtime needs to be factored into your diary, work arrangements or social life before you commit to a treatment. The vast majority of Dr Jake's patients will happily go to work the next day with no problems but of course you may have people asking you what was done!

  • Bruising is always possible with these tiny injections but they are self-limiting. Dr Jake recommends booking an LED Healite treatment post-procedure to help start the healing process but this isn't mandatory. 

Price guide

Rejuran treatments are priced per session and per area.


Priced according to how many areas are treated

Rejuran - face treatment


Rejuran - face + neck treatment


Rejuran - eye treatment


Rejuran - face + neck + décolletage treatment



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