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injectable professional development

In Australia, any nurse, doctor or dentist can inject - regardless of their skill. Dr Jake therefore believes that it's our personal duty as medical professionals to continually improve our consultation skills, technical ability, complications knowledge and expand our technique every year. Unlike generic courses, Dr Jake aims to offer a unique and tailored session, specifically for your own needs.

why do injectors need training?

The Australian injectable market is quite unique and whether we like it or not, it's been shaped by the chain clinics. Competition is fierce, prices are low and the playing field is rapidly evolving. If injectors don't continually up-skill, challenge themselves and seek out new knowledge, they risk being left behind and not being successful.

But it can be difficult to progress or do more advanced treatments when also trying to balance making a living and not putting your patients at risk. This is where a lot of injectors get stuck in a rut and carry on doing their 'tried and tested' treatments. Many injectors limit themselves to doing anti-wrinkle treatments, simple cheek and lip fillers. This is a problem for both the injectors and their patients - treatments aren't tailored to patients need and this is where poorer results creep in. At the same time, injecting becomes boring and burn out can become a real issue.

Dr Jake's background

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Dr Jake has become known as a leading injector and is an international key opinion leader.

He is respected in the industry for his 'no bullshit' approach whilst delivering stunning and natural looking-results.


He co-founded his own podcast 'Inside Aesthetics' that has had over 600,000 listens in over 65 countries.

Dr Jake Sloane

Anatomy + Surgery

Before studying medicine, Dr Jake completed a 3 year Anatomy degree and his dissertation focused on facial morphology. He then trained as a surgeon in the UK & Australia. for over a decade.

He taught at the Royal College of Surgeons England, training doctors in surgical techniques and supervised junior doctor to learn how to operate in theatre.

Dr Jake Sloane injecting strategy

Injecting philosophy

Dr Jake's philosophy is to approach each face with a bespoke treatment plan. Patients may come with a list of wants and photos from Instagram that they like - but at the end of the day they aren't the experts, injectors are.


He promotes full face treatments and uses the MD Codes™ technique to inject.


He believes in restoring the optimal anatomical foundations of the face and maximising someone's individual features.

Allergan Medical Institute

Allergan trainer & KOL

In 2018 Dr Jake become a trainer and key opinion leader for the Allergan Medical Institute.


In this role he trains doctors, surgeons and nurses in theory, hands on injecting and the latest anti-wrinkle and filler techniques. He also gets access to the latest training himself from world experts.

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Fat dissolving KOL

Dr Jake is recognised as a key opinion leader in fat dissolving treatments. From 2019 to 2021 he taught fat dissolving ,masterclasses for FaceCoach Live.

In 2021 he was invited to be the fat dissolving expert panel member for for Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team (AMET)

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MD Codes™ Mentorship

In January 2020, Dr Jake was selected in a global application process as one of only 55 injectors in the world to undertake a two year mentorship under Dr Mauricio De Maio.


Having completed this,, Dr Jake is one of only 3 doctors in the world to subsequently be invited on to the 'MD Codes Train The Trainer' programme (starting mid-2022)

Mentorship and development

 Every professional needs ongoing development and no-one is perfect. When Dr Jake was a surgical trainee, every operation he did was observed, scrutinised, graded and documented in an online logbook that he had to present to the surgical college each year. This proved his experience and competency for practical skills that were learnt only through experience and time.


This type of system doesn't yet exist for injectables. But the best injectors can explicitly choose to differentiate themselves from the rest by being better in everything that they do. Having been mentored by Mauricio de Maio, Dr Jake has himself been observed and critiqued by a master injector. He's improved his own techniques over time, has had to submit complex injecting video cases for assessment and has had to prove his level of injecting to be that of an elite injector as well as a trainer. 


why do you need mentoring?

Sadly, injectables are often treated by both patients and other medical professionals as 'beauty treatments'. But in Dr Jake's opinion, this is unacceptable. Medical professionals have a special relationship with their patients (they are not 'clients') and as such we need to elevate everything that we do to give them the best outcomes. Our patients should never, ever be injected unless there is a clear plan, using logical, repeatable and as safe as possible methods.


Dr Jake aims to help injectors as a teacher, as a confidant, as a mentor and as someone who you can trust in the professional environment.  Whilst training should be an enjoyable experience, you'll be pushed to be better. Occasionally some harsh truths might be given in a constructive manner to show you the bigger picture and for you to advance to your next injecting level.


things to think about before booking a training session

To get the most out of your 4 hour training session, it's important to be honest about what your current level is. To help plan the session, have a think about the typical patients that you currently see. Who are they? What demographic are you attracting and does this suit your own aesthetic and skill set? 


What  are you not so good at and try to focus in on what you'll most benefit from. It's best to be brutally honest with yourself and think about your last year or two of injecting including the following:


- what have you struggled with?

- are you getting bad outcomes that you can't explain?

- what areas do you avoid injecting?

- what problems have you encountered?

- do you get frequently find that you have tricky consultations?

- do you frequently have unhappy patients?

- are you anxious about injecting?

- do you feel out of your depth sometimes?

- have you had many complications?

- what have you learnt from your complications to help avoid them again?

- how many complaints have you had in the last 12 month?

 - what did you do about these complaints?

what might the training include*?

- 4 hours of 1:1 training with Dr Jake in his Surry Hills clinic 

- learn to fine tune your consultation process

- understanding the purpose and basics of clinical photography

- inject your own models under direct supervision 

-learn how to do a detailed assessment of your patient's needs

- understand treatment planning and using larger volumes of filler

business and social media hints and tips

- 1 month further support via WhatsApp for any questions you have


*each session will differ depending on your needs and what you highlighted when booking in

- anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers or fat dissolving treatments can be done on the day

models & products used

To keep your costs to a minimum, it's strongly recommended that you charge your models for any stock used on the day. This will be supplied by Dr Jake and only products from Allergan's portfolio will be used. You'll only ever be charged the cost price of stock:

-anti-wrinkle product (type B only)= $5.55/unit

- fillers (Allergan Vycross range only)= $210-$270/ml

- fat dissolving product = $650/vial

what does a one on one mentoring session cost?