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Facial slimming

Our overall aesthetic is very much linked to our facial shape. Some of us are rounder, others more oval and then there are people who looked more square-shaped.


Contrbuting to a square-shape are the muscles of the jaw called the masseters. These are located on the side of the face and can be felt when you clench your teeth.  Sometimes these muscles are naturally enlarged and this is especially typical in some Asian demographics.  Alternatively there might an underlying cause for enlargement of these muscles including chronic teeth grinding or clenching.

What are facial slimming treatments?

In very simple terms, chewing is controlled by several pairs of muscles including the:

  • masseter muscles - these are the powerful muscles on the side of the jaw that close your jaws together ​​


Using the same product used for anti-wrinkle injections, these muscles can be targeted and relaxed. Within 4-8 weeks, the relaxation causes a shrinkage of the muscles, slimming the lower face.  This is especially desirable in women with powerful muscles as the slimming effect can feminise the facial shape.

Key features of facial slimming treatments


Consultations for teeth grinding and clenching treatments are 45 minutes for new patients. Your history, dental treatments and symptoms will be explored. This is followed by an oro-facial examination and treatment if you are appropriate. 

Protect your teeth

Chronic teeth clenching and grinding causes significant damage to your teeth including worn chewing surfaces, micro-fractures or more severe cracks needing emergency dentistry. Controlling the symptoms of bruxism with treatments can reduce damage to the teeth and jaw joint.

Outstanding satisfaction

Patients with teeth clenching or grinding symptoms often suffer for years without a proper diagnosis or relief. Whilst every patients symptoms vary, feedback from the relief of bruxism can significantly improve your quality of life, chronic pain and sleep.

Controlled symptoms

Injections for teeth clenching and grinding are not a cure. You'll still need long-term dental input but each treatment of the affected chewing muscles can provide 3-6 months relief on average. 

Downtime & aftercare for facial slimming

There is very minimal downtime from teeth grinding and teeth clenching treatments. Occasionally patients actually describe immediate relief 


Occasionally a small bruise can occur (as they can from any injectable treatment) and this is self limiting. 

Facial slimming FAQ's

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