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what happens during a double chin fat dissolving  treatment?

the borders of your jaw

and neck will be marked out

the area will be cleaned
dots are drawn onto the area
injections are done
at each dot

how much do i need?

Double chin treatments are dosed and priced according to how large the double chin area is to treat. Unfortunately, we can't dissolve everything! We'll only treat the safe zone marked out using your own features and anatomy.


Dots will be placed spaced 1cm apart from each other. Each one that falls within the safe zone of the treatment markings indicates an injection site.


Everyone's neck is different, so it's quite deceptive guessing how many dots you'll require until you've been marked up. But average necks will have around 20 dots, the equivalent of 4ml of product used - this is what we base our two treatment package prices on. If you have more than 20 dots no problem, just upgrade to an extra 2ml of product per 10 extra dots session. (see our prices)

So unlike with liposuction surgery, you'll get an individualised treatment that contours the area to look natural.

what down time should I expect after a treatment?

The breaking down of fat cells causes a local inflammatory response.  This settles down in anything from 4 to 14 days. This is an expected and normal response and indicates that a good amount of fat is being dissolved. Embrace the swell!


In our experience we've found that anyone who didn't know you had a treatment wouldn't be able to to tell by day 4 or so post-injection. The feeling of puffiness and mild discomfort will last longer than the visible signs but it's entirely manageable and much better than post-surgery swelling or bruising!


Anti-inflammatory medications should actually be avoided as they will inhibit the fat dissolving process. The downtime is temporary and this is why we space each fat dissolving session out by four to six weeks.

You will get the following symptoms after each fat dissolving session:


swelling and puffiness of the area

mild bruising

numbness of the skin

areas of hardness to touch

mild discomfort

what happens to the skin of the neck after a treatment?

After the fat cells have been dissolved, fibroblast cells begin to produce new collagen, tightening the tissue and further improving the appearance of the chin and jaw.

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