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When anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments first became available the aims were quite simple - we saw lines on the face and froze or filled them. The basic principle of this approach was easy to understand -  less wrinkles means younger right? Or does it?


Older techniques like this are now quite out-dated. Even to the untrained eye, the results can often look 'fake' and it's usually obvious to see that something has been done. The areas treated can look heavy and this is perceived even by the untrained eye as looking unnatural. But cosmetic medicine, our understanding of facial anatomy, the aging process and filler technologies have all significantly improved in the last few years.

a new approach

An often ignored part of the consultation process is your emotional motivation for having a treatment. You might not have realised it but your impending 40th birthday, your new job or even a separation from a long-term partner can influence why people initially seek cosmetic treatments. Piecing together your 'wants' to your cosmetic 'needs' is a key part of achieving a result that you value and feel comfortable with.

The gold standard approach to injecting a face is treat each person holistically. We do this by looking at all of your facial features and then aim to balance these in the correct proportions - often referred to as the 'golden ratio'. At the same time we need to take into account your age, sex and ethnicity so that the treatment respects these cosmetic parameters.


Even if you just want something simple done at first, it's absolutely crucial for Dr Jake to gauge other factors. For example, your willingness to accept some minor downtime after your treatment including swelling or bruising. By understanding you as a person, the bespoke nature of your treatment can be fine-tuned so that we go as fast or as slow as you want.

the total face consultation

For new patients, Dr Jake will examine your entire face to devise the right treatment plan for you. Using the 'total face approach', you'll be shown that it's important to look beyond the superficial wrinkles that you may have thought were your only signs of ageing.


By understanding the root causes of facial ageing, we can start to address and restore features that you've slowly lost over time. This is key to understanding the basis of facial aesthetic treatments - we won't aim to add characteristics that you never had as this would be quite obvious. Particular attention will be given to:

your face shape

your overall symmetry

your facial proportions

your profile view and the nose

distracting features (obvious wrinkles)

all of the layers - skin, fat, muscle and bone

your eyes, eyelids and eyebrows

the area around your mouth

the lips - their volume, definition and shape

your jawline and chin

your neck and upper chest skin quality

the back of your hands


Whether you have simple wrinkles or more significant signs of ageing, it's vital to understand how all of these features contribute to your overall look. If we can correct the foundations of facial ageing first, balance your proportions and then refine some of the finer features, the sum of these improvements adds up to what we generically call 'beauty'.

Having been trained this way by some of the leading cosmetic doctors in the industry, Dr Jake is proud to help his clients achieve stunning results that look age-appropriate. The goal isn't to change your face, it's to very simply restore a better version of yourself.

cutting edge injectables

The face is treated by targeting key areas to create predictable improvements. When Dr Jake examines your face, he'll quote you how much filler is likely needed per area of the face to start delivering results. This means that you'll know the approximate total amount of filler required before you've even started your treatment and can therefore budget things accordingly. It's vital to stress that the results will look natural - this is the main barrier that holds many clients back who usually need the most help.

With Dr Jake's approach, he'll focus firstly on the 'foundations' of your face. In this way, we'll treat the underlying causes of ageing first. Only after this has been done can we address some of the more superficial cosmetic issues or do beautifying treatments such as the lips.


As an example - the so called jowls don't just appear because of age, they are a symptom of volume loss from the midface (cheek) areas in addition to skeletal and structural changes around the mouth and jaw. The result is that the soft tissues of the face literally droop downwards and this creates an older and tired look. So we first start re-building the foundations of the face high up in the temples, cheeks and sides of the face. Only when that foundation treatment has been done can we address the chin, jawline and the jowls.

how fillers lift

There are treatments on the market such as thread lifts which aim to improve sagging skin - however they don't deal with the underlying cause of sagging. This is created by the loss of deeper supportive tissues of the face such as the various fat pockets that shape our face as well as structural bone loss.


Clients often believe that they need to resort to a surgical face lift to treat such problems. Unless you have an excess of skin that is hanging from the face, that is simply not true. We now we have more refined, less invasive and more cost effective solutions in a syringe.

Premium fillers incorporate incredible technologies:

- they are smoother than older generation fillers so they feel more natural


- premium fillers create less swelling than traditionally expected

- fillers integrate into the tissue meaning that they feel more natural

- fillers can last (up to) 24 months


The fillers use a combination of low and high molecular weight molecules that are linked together uniquely. Rather than simply volumising areas, we can also now lift areas because the molecules are also 'sticky'. This incredible range of fillers has allowed Dr Jake to develop signature techniques such as 'The Liquid Face Lift' and 'The Liquid Nose Job'.


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