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When anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments first became available in the early 2000's, the aims were quite simple. We saw lines on a face and froze or filled them. The basic principle of this approach was easy to understand - less wrinkles means younger right? Or..does it..?


Older techniques like this are now very out-dated. Even to the untrained eye, the results can often look 'fake' and it's usually obvious to see that something has been done. The areas treated can look heavy and this is perceived as looking 'unnatural'.


In the last 5 years, cosmetic medicine, our understanding of facial anatomy, the aging process and injectable technologies have all significantly improved to create even better results. But the most important factor is the skill, artistic eye and experience of your injector. This will have the biggest impact on creating beautiful and natural-looking results.

Dr Jake's approach

An often ignored part of the consultation process is your emotional motivation for having a treatment. You might not have realised it, but your impending 40th birthday, your new job or even a separation from a long-term partner may influence why people initially seek out cosmetic treatments. Piecing together your 'wants' with your cosmetic 'needs' is a key part of achieving a result that you both value and feel comfortable with.

The gold standard approach to treating face is to see each person individually, without preconceptions and to educate that patient about their own features. It may sound strange, but it's a fact that people usually don't really appreciate or understand their own features. If you think about it, how often do you watch yourself talk, interact with people or create the range of expressions that your face usually makes? Probably not often, if ever. And so we tend to focus on our facial features when we look in a mirror without expression or often, posing to look our best! But that's not reality and this is where an expert injector will distinguish themselves by treating both your resting and dynamic features.


It's extremely important to look at all of your facial features and to balance these in the correct proportions. This harmony of your features is often referred to as the 'golden' or 'phi' ratio. At the same time we also need to take into account your age, sex, ethnicity, job and social circumstances so that your treatment respects how you want to be seen by others.


And even if you just want to do something very simple to start with, that's ok. But it's absolutely crucial in your consultation to gauge other factors. For example, your willingness to accept some minor downtime after your treatment including swelling or bruising. By understanding you as a person, the bespoke nature of your treatment can be fine-tuned so that we go as fast or as slow as you like.


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