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Fat dissolving treatments

Fat-dissolving treatments use a injectable product to break down fat cells of the body. They utilise the same mechanism that our body’s use to break down fats in our diet, using a weak acid to dissolve fat molecules. Fat dissolving treatments are licensed to dissolve the fat of the double chin area, sometimes referred to as the 'submental' region. 


Dr Jake has become known as a key opinion leader in these treatments and also advises as an expert panel member for AMET (Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team) in fat dissolving treatment complications.

What are fat dissolving treatments?

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Key features of fat dissolving treatments


New patient consultations for fat dissolving treatments are 45 minutes. If you are suitable for a treatment, this can be done on the same day,.

Face & body indications

The most common are treated is the double chin (submental area). Dr Jake is also experienced in treating 'off label' areas including the jowls and bra strap fat area (front or back)

Outstanding satisfaction

Fat dissolving treatments are performed as a minimum of two sessions, spaced eight weeks apart.  This is one of the highest satisfaction treatments available. 

Excellent longevity

After you've achieved your result, no further maintenance treatments are needed. (Assuming your body mass index remiains stable)

Fat dissolving treatment areas

Downtime & aftercare for fat dissolving treatments

Expected downtime symptoms include:

  • Short term discomfort

  • Bruising/needle marks

  • Swelling (the average visible duration is one week but the sensation will last longer)

  • Firmness or lumps felt under the skin of the area for up to 8 weeks

  • Numbness that can last up to 8 weeks​


Fat dissolving treatments require a minimum of two sessions to start seeing the results. (Typically seen 8 weeks after the second session)

For extra slimming results, a third or fourth session may be suggested

Double chin treatments

From $1300 per session

Jowl treatments

From $800 per session

Bra fat treatments

From $1000 per session (front)

From $1300 per session (back)

Fat dissolving treatments price guide

Fat dissolving treatment FAQ's

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