fat dissolving treatments

 what are fat dissolving treatments?

Fat dissolving treatments use the active ingredient deoxycholic acid and were launched in Australia in 2017. Dr Jake has become known as a 'super user' and expert in the technique. 


Fat-dissolving treatments are licensed to dissolve fat of the double chin area, sometimes referred to as the 'submental' region.

A slim neck and tight jaw line are strongly perceived to be signs of health and beauty. Whilst a 'double chin' is more common in people with a higher body mass index, many of us have small pocket of fat under the jaw even when the rest of our body is slim. So a double chin doesn't necessarily mean that you're overweight. 

who is a good candidate for fat dissolving treatments?

In practice, these treatments are best performed on patients with mild to moderate pockets of stubborn fat in the double chin region. If from a side on view you have a mild to moderate double chin, fat dissolving treatments might be an excellent non-surgical option that offers life-long results. 

If you have looser skin of the double chin area or have a BMI over 25, you may not be suitable but this can only really be established during your consultation. 

how do fat dissolving treatments work?

The treatment literally destroys fat cells using an injectable medication. The product contains the same substance produced by our bodies in the process of breaking down fat molecules in our diet.


Fat dissolving injections are used only for for discrete and smaller areas of fat such as the double chin, bra strap or inner thigh gap. The treatments work by breaking down the membranes of the fat cells, leading to a permanent destruction of the fat cells. The results are long-lasting and are comparable to liposuction - we now have surgery in a syringe. Even better, the treatment tightens the skin so you won't have loose skin unlike with liposuction.