What are fat dissolving treatments?

Fat-dissolving treatments use a injectable product to break down fat cells of the body. They utilise the same mechanism that our body’s use to break down fats in our diet, using a weak acid to dissolve fat molecules. Fat dissolving treatments are licensed to dissolve the fat of the double chin area, sometimes referred to as the 'submental' region. 


Dr Jake has become known as a key opinion leader in these treatments and also advises as an expert panel member for AMET (Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team) in fat dissolving treatment complications.

Who make the best candidates for fat dissolving treatments?

These treatments are highly patient specific. Unlike anti-wrinkle treatments or fillers, not everyone is a good candidate for fat dissolving treatment. If you have loose skin of the area (for example the double chin/neck area) or have a BMI over 30, you may not be suitable for these treatments. If so, you’ll be advised on options including liposuction and a list of plastic surgeons  in Sydney can be recommended. This is why a consultation is essential to assess your suitability first. 


Fat dissolving treatments are best performed on patients with mild to moderate pockets of stubborn fat, most commonly in the double chin region. They can give excellent non-surgical options that offers life-long results.

What areas of the face & body can be treated
with fat dissolving treatments?