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Dr Jake's Instagram profile

Dr Jake uses his Instagram profile to educate other injectors and his patients with all aspects of his work and life. You'll get a good idea about who he is behind the scenes and he's not one to hold back from saying things how they are. So if his personality isn't quite what you resonate with, it's highly recommended to not book in for a treatment as you need to gel and connect with someone who's treating you.

before & after images

If you browse through Dr Jake's Instagram profile, you'll see various posts. Some are funny, some are topical, but you'll also b able to browse many of his 'before and after' images taken of his own patients. In the descriptions under the before and afters you'll usually find:

- a story about why the treatment was done

- how it was done (this technical information helps educate other injectors)

- how many ml's of filler was used


Whilst you'll always need a bespoke consultation before your treatment, you'll get a basic understanding of facial aesthetics even if you're new to treatments by reading these posts. If you recognise similarities in your features with the before images, you might even get an idea of what might be offered to you in your own consultation. Dr Jake's aim is for his patients to be fully onboard with the treatment process from your initial enquiry through to your after care and beyond.  ⠀⠀

It's vital to stress that you do not need to give your permission to appear on his Instagram if you aren't comfortable. But the more people who kindly allow this, the more patients can understand what their own treatments might look like. During your consultation you'll explicitly be asked what your level of comfort is and you'll sign a photography consent form so that your wishes are respected