learning about faces

Dr Jake uses his Instagram profile to showcase all aspects of his work - as well as giving you an idea about who he is! His posts are educational and written with deliberate honesty and openess.


When people consider having cosmetic injectable treatments, there are often significant barriers that stop them and this creates unnecessary stress:


- will it look fake? 

- will people know that I've had work done?

- is it dangerous?

- what will I look like after?

This is where his Instagram profile can help. If you browse through Dr Jake's Instagram profile, you'll see treatment information, before and after images from real patients with real results, explanations of terms, risks, downtime and more.


Under each before and after image you'll find:

- a background story that explains why the treatment was done

- how it was done

- how many ml's of filler was used


Whilst you'll always need a bespoke consultation before your treatment, you'll start to understand facial aesthetics even if you're new to treatments. You'll also then get some idea of what might be offered to you in your own consultation. Dr Jake's aim is for his patients to be fully onboard with the treatment process from your initial enquiry through to your after care and beyond.  ⠀⠀⠀