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Dr Jake training injectors

Harley Academy Australia

Dr Jake is delighted to have partnered with Harley Academy, the UK's-leading facial aesthetics training provider. He leads a new injectables training school known as 'Harley Academy Australia'.  Dr Jake will bring his 14 years of experience, expert-level injecting know-how and passion for teaching together with Harley Academy's leading digital resources and know how. 


Learning to inject is just like any other skill and will take many years of dedication and patience to master. Even the most skilled expert injectors will continue be learn as new toxins and fillers are released and better techniques evolve. It's also worth saying that courses can never replace real life experience. With this in mind, Harley Academy Australia's goal is to give injectors the best start to their injectable career. We see facial aesthetics as a true sub-speciality of medicine and as such, it needs to be studied, worked at and you will need support throughout your journey. So what sets Harley Academy Australia apart from other injectable training schools? 

Foundation training

- Access a complete library of e-learning pre-course material  (8 hours)

- The course will be led by Dr Jake Sloane who is an international trainer for Allergan Aesthetics

- Learn using the most popular brands of injectable products

- There will be a maximum of one trainer to four trainees

- Practice on life-like mannequins first to get better hand/eye dexterity before progressing to live models

- Bring your own model and do all of the injecting yourself (never share a model with other trainees)

- Located at Infinity Skin Clinic (Mosman, Sydney) with dedicated injecting rooms

- Free underground and secure parking

- Tea/Coffee, snacks and lunch provided

Additional training sessions after completing foundation training include:

- Observer sessions where you can watch Dr Jake in his clinic treating his own patients (8 hours)

- Complications e-learning module (Approx 6 hours)

why be trained by Dr Jake?

Dr Jake Sloane mentoring background image


Dr Jake has become known as a leading injector and key opinion leader internationally.


He co-founded his own podcast 'Inside Aesthetics' that has had over 700,000 listens in over 55 countries.

He is also a partner of  ​Skinceuticals, the world's leading skincare company and he launch their Custom D.OS.E device in 2021.

Dr Jake Sloane

Surgical teacher

Dr Jake completed a 3 year Anatomy degree and his dissertation focused on facial morphology. He then completed a 5 year medical degree before training as a surgeon in the UK & Australia for a decade.

He taught for the Royal College of Surgeons England, training doctors in surgery and supervised juniors learning to operate in theatre.

Dr Jake Sloane injecting strategy

Injecting philosophy

Dr Jake's philosophy is to understand his patients deeper motivations for wanting treatments. This allows him to create detailed and bespoke treatment plans. Patients may have a list of wants or pictures from Instagram that they aspire to, but at the end of the day patients are not the experts and need skilled guidance.


He promotes full face treatments, restoring the optimal anatomical proporsions to create stunning but also natural-looking results.

Allergan Medical Institute

Allergan trainer & KOL

In 2018 Dr Jake was invited by Allergan Aesthetics to become a trainer and key opinion leader for the Allergan Medical Institute.


In this role he trains doctors and nurses theory & hands on anti-wrinkle and filler techniques. He also gets access to the latest training himself from world experts.

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Fat dissolving KOL

Dr Jake is recognised as a key opinion leader in fat dissolving treatments and is an expert panel advisor for AMET in these treatments. 

In 2019 he was invited by Professor Greg Goodman to teach fat dissolving masterclasses for FaceCoach Live, Here he teaches theory as well as hands on classes for the sub-mental & other off-label areas.

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MD Codes™ Mentorship

In January 2020, Dr Jake was selected in a global application process as one of only 59 injectors in the world to undertake a two year mentorship under Dr Mauricio De Maio.


The mentorship is upskilling  him to becoming a recognised MD Codes™ trainer and expert teacher of injectables.

things to think about before booking a training session

Before booking a training session, it's important to think clearly about what you'll do with your new found skills.  

- what are you going to do after the course and where might you work as an injector?

- if you're a registered nurse, do you have a prescribing doctor to support you? (we can help with this)

 - do you have all of the equipment (needles, cannulas, syringes, gloves, hyalase, etc) to be able to inject?

- you'll need to open an account to supply you with injectable stock

models & products used

To keep your costs to a minimum, it's strongly recommended that you charge your models for any stock used on the day.

anti-wrinkle product = $4/unit

 fillers = $200/ml

fat dissolving product = $400/vial