Angry woman frowing

i want to look less angry

Sometimes the way we look isn't how we feel inside.

what makes my face look so angry?

Frowning is the most common facial sign of 'anger'. It's also the most common reason people first look into getting cosmetic injectables.


Some people learn to frown more often as a habit from a young age. It's unconscious and they don't mean to do it. People can frown when they're deep in thought, when they're working using a computer or just when squinting in the sun. Frowning isn't always simply used as an expression to look angry - and yet the perception of this expression to others is that the person is angry, less approachable and unfriendly.

The second common feature of looking angry is tension around the mouth. This can happen for numerous reasons but anything that contributes to increased tension of the muscles around the mouth and lips can give the impression of pursing of the lips.

Linked to tension

how can the signs of anger be softened?

For issues like the frown lines, anti-wrinkle treatments are an extremely powerful and effective method of softening an angry look. More than just softening the lines themselves, anti-wrinkle treatments can soften the look of the entire eye and brow complex making it less harsh and more attractive.