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Lip filler treatments 
tailored for you.

Lip shape, volume and the smaller details of the peri-oral area are a key feature of a woman's femininity and sensuality. 

Men can also benefit from subtle lip fillers, most usually with the aim of subtly enhancing the shape but not the size.


Depending on your age, sex, ethnicity and features, the lip filler technique, product choice and filler volume needed will vary.

In your consultation Dr Jake will create a bespoke filler treatment that suits your overall features including your profile and the surrounding facial features. 

Filler dissolving - Dr Jake Sloane

What are lip filler treatments?

Lip fillers are one of the most common and popular uses of fillers. Done by a skilled injector, they can transform your facial features and your overall aesthetic.


It's important to understand that a beautiful lip filler does not usually mean going 'big'. The result from a skilled injector needs to compliment the rest of your facial features and this is especially true when viewing your face from a profile (side on) view. Lip filler treatments are sometimes combined with other filler areas including the chin or the anterior jawline fillers to help balance your overall look. We've all seen lips with too much filler where it just doesn't look right and Dr Jake will refuse to over-fill or treat lips if the lips don't compliment you from all angles.

By law in Australia, we aren't allowed to advertise the brand names of any medicines, including the brand of any injectable products. So you'll usually see these types of treatments generically referred to as 'fillers'.


There is an incredibly diverse range of fillers but Dr Jake only uses the Allergan brand of structural fillers. He is national & international speaker and teaches injectors how to best use these products.


Key features of lip filler treatments


New patient filler consultations + treatments = 60 mins


​Existing patient consultations + treatments = 45 mins

One size doesn't fit all

Depending on your ethnicity, age, sex & natural shape, lips vary hugely. Dr Jake will tailor your treatment to compliment your overall face shape and proportions. Lip fillers vary from hydration only through to bolder looks and these will be discussed with you in your consultation.

Outstanding satisfaction

Filler treatments sit alongside anti-wrinkle treatments as being the most popular non-surgical technique. With a skilled injector and with results being immediate, patients love the results of these treatments. 

Excellent longevity

Lip fillers tend to last far longer than patients often realise. Dr Jake will assess your fillers and overall look each time you see him but won't repeat treatments if they aren't necessary - this stops the over-done and puffy look, as well as preventing the risk of 'filler migration'.

If you're new to lip filler treatments

New patient filler consultations are 60mins and a full medical history, examination and clinical photos will be done. If you are suitable for treatment, the treatment can be done on the same day. The lips will be numbed prior with a strong local anaesthetic cream so that it is pain-free.

Lip filler treatments are priced per session = $850 (Therfore whether you need 0.3ml, 0.5ml or 1ml (max), the price is the same (Dr Jake does not offer special 0.5ml filler prices)

Lip filler results are visible immediately - but initial swelling +/- bruising will make the lips look bigger for 2-7 days post-treatment. The final result will be seen in 1-2 weeks and this can last for 6-12 months.

Price guide

Lip fillers are performed using (up to) 1ml of filler per session. Lip filler products vary and will be tailored to what your lip anatomy needs and the overall look you require.

Priced according to how many units are required

Per session


Immediately after the treatment, your lips will be very swollen.


Due to the local anaesthetic used, you'll also be numb for 1-2 hours. It's important not to eat or drink whilst the lips are numb to avoid the possibility of biting your lips or tongue. 

On average the lips will be swollen for 3-7 days and this can make some new patients feel self-conscious until they heal. Lip fillers should only be done when you have a window in your work and social calendar to avoid this being an issue.


When the lips are swollen, they can feel lumpy and this again is a common and normal outcome for the first few weeks.

Bruising of the lips can occur and very occasionally this is more obvious. 


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