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When discussing filler treatment plans and aging, it's very common for clients to ask whether they should have face lift surgery instead. That's understandable, people want results and they don't want to be disappointed. But it also highlights a misunderstanding of the facial aging process. Facelifts are for sagging and loose skin, but the vast majority of clients don't need this. (Why not listen to Dr Jake's podcast 'Inside Aesthetics' to learn more about facelifts in detail - Episode 11)

The Liquid Face Lift isn't one specific treatment but involves a combination of multiple different techniques. a Large volume of filler is used because we will ddress both the upper and lower face in a holistic way. The treatment will help balance your proportions, improve hollows, enhance features, reverse sagging, soften the jowls, improve the jawline, helping you look like a better but still natural version of yourself.

This is incredibly important to understand because the aim is not to change you. Dr Jake will simply turn back the clock so you look softer, more refreshed and less tired. Each face is different but The Liquid Face Lift will typically use filler volumes of 10ml+.


Fillers offer significant advantages over surgery including:

  • 10ml of fillers are significantly more affordable ($5500)

   VS facelift surgery  ($25,000+)

  • fillers offer instant results with minimal downtime

    VS facelift surgery usually takes weeks or months to recover from

  • fillers work by restoring facial volume and shape to the face

 VS facelift surgery cannot do this and so you can end up with that 'face in the wind-tunnel' look

  • fillers are reversible and the results can be modified or added to as you age further

VS facelift surgery is permanent and as you age, it can look less and less natural

  • fillers are quick, 10ml can be done in around 1 hour

VS surgery involves several hours of operating, a hospital stay and weeks of recovery

  • fillers have minimal downtime (mainly mild swelling +/- small needle bruises)

VS surgical complications including scars, major swelling/bruising and numbness


How is The Liquid Face Lift performed?

The Liquid Face Lift isn't a one-size fits all treatment but most patients will typical need 10-16 ml of filler. Whilst that sounds like a lot, the filler will be distributed all over the face and may include:

the temples

the eyebrows

the lateral and anterior cheek

the under eye areas

the nose

the nasolabial lines

the chin

the jowls

the lips

the jawline

the earlobes


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