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Nose filler treatments tailored for you.

The shape and size of the nose is one of the most common cosmetic concerns. But most people don't want to commit to surgery which is expensive, risks and complications can occur and where the healing can take up to two years for the final result. 

Depending on your age, sex, ethnicity and features, noses of course come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whilst no filler treatment is risk-free, liquid nose jobs (nose fillers) are an excellent option for patients who's nose shape is suitable and who want an immediate,  much more affordable and equivalent result compared to surgery.

Dr Jake is also one of very few injectors in Australia who not only does nose fillers but he also incorporates ultrasound into his practice. This is done before all nose filler to help detect the blood vessels of the nose prior to treatment - reducing the very rare risks including a vascular occlusion, blindness or a stroke.

What are nose filler treatments?

Fillers for the nose are also known as a 'non-surgical rhinoplasty' or the 'liquid nose job'. Whatever you want to call the technique, it uses fillers to improve the shape and profile of the nose.


Nose fillers can improve your aesthetic in three main ways:


1) Smoothing out bumps on the bridge of the nose when viewed from the side

2) Adding volume to the bridge of the nose in those with a very flat nasal profile

3) It's also possible to lift the tip of the nose subtly to improve a hooked or droopy nose tip

Key features of nose filler treatments 


New patient filler consultations + treatments = 60 mins


​Existing patient consultations + treatments = 45 mins

Suitable for different noses

Whether you have a bump on your nasal bridge or have a flatter nose and want it looking sharper, nose fillers are extremely useful to help create the illusion of a completely new nose. 

Outstanding satisfaction

Liquid nose jobs deliver an immediate result that patients rate incredibly highly. These are one of the most rewarding treatments offered by Dr Jake and it also avoids the need for surgery for some.

Excellent longevity

Dr Jake Sloane will suggest the right volume of filler for each type of nose shape. Fillers used for noses tend to last far longer than patients often realise but 12-24 months would be typical.

What is the downtime & aftercare after nose fillers?

Coming soon


Price guide

Fillers for the nose are a specialised treatment requiring expert techniques. Ultrasound may be used to perform vascular mapping (identify the main blood vessels) of the nose before proceeding with a treatment and this is included in the price.


Priced per session

Per session



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