injector mentoring

injector mentoring


The quality of injectors in Australia is generally very high and it's estimated that around 75% are registered nurses or nurse prescribers. Unlike the UK, only medical professionals can inject which is a good thing!

But it's important to acknowledge that we have minimal training, a lack of formal qualifications to inject and there could be some  regulatory changes on the horizon soon.

the market

The Australian market is shaped by the large chain clinics, competition is fierce, prices are often low and the market is rapidly evolving. If injectors don't continually up-skill, challenge themselves and seek out new knowledge, they will quickly fall behind.


In contrast, the hungrier and more open minded injectors who change with the times will be able to cater to the needs of every patient demographic and will likely dominate the market.

the reality

It's a lonely world and even successful injectors in busy clinics can feel very isolated. It can be difficult to progress or do more advanced treatments when balancing making a living and not doing things that are out of your comfort zone or are riskier.


Most injectors would like a safe place to discuss their weaknesses but are scared of voicing this in fear of being seen as 'not good enough'.

why be mentored by Dr Jake?


Dr Jake has become known as a leading injector and key opinion leader in Australia.

​Before his medical degree he completed a 3 year degree in Anatomy and his dissertation focused on facial anatomy

Surgical teacher

He trained as a surgeon in the UK & Australia and voluntarily mentored doctors and students for 10 years.

He taught for the Royal College of Surgeons England, training doctors in basic surgery and supervising his juniors to learn to operate in theatre.

Injecting philosophy

In the injecting world, Dr Jake's style of work is full face treatments using the MD Codes™ taught by Allergan. He believes in restoring people's anatomy utilising the total face approach for stunning but also natural-looking results

Allergan trainer & KOL

In 2018 Dr Jake was selected by Allergan to become a national trainer and key opinion leader for the Allergan Medical Institute. He trains doctors and nurses in theory, hands on injecting and is trained himself in the latest techniques.

Fat dissolving expert

Dr Jake is recognised as an expert in fat dissolving and he has performed one of the highest number of completed cases in Australia. In 2019 he was invited by Professor Greg Goodman to join FaceCoach, teaching sub-mental & other off-label treatments

MD Codes Mentorship

In 2020 Dr Jake was selected after a global application process to undertake a year of individual mentoring under Dr Mauricio De Maio. After this he will become a recognised MD Codes™ trainer and expert

do i need mentoring?

Everyone needs a mentor. A mentor is a teacher and confidant who you can trust in the professional environment. But a mentor isn't your friend and so they will also tell you truthfully where you stand if things need improving. Occasionally some harsh truths in a constructive way are necessary to show you the bigger picture and for you to grow stronger.


Everyone's situation will be different but candidates who might seek Dr Jake's mentoring include:

- injectors who feel that their training missed things out or that they aren't fully sure about basic techniques

- injectors who get nervous injecting or who lack confidence for whatever reason

- injectors who've been on maternity leave and who feel a bit lost back at work

- injectors who feel like they've hit a wall

- injectors who are competent with the basics but need some support in doing more advanced areas

- injectors who want to master their craft, offer treatments like 'Liquid Nose Jobs' and be confident delivering total face treatments

what happens on the day?

This is really up to you. When you book in online for a mentoring session, some planning will need be done beforehand to assess where you're at, what you need and what you'll most benefit from. It's best to be brutally honest with yourself and work out:


- what do you really struggle with or avoid injecting?

- what problems have you encountered?

- have you had angry patients or complaints?


Think about the last years more difficult days. But to narrow down on what most people would want, your day might include:

- Dr Jake observing and assisting you on a normal day with your own patients booked in. Here you'll be observed how you consult, assess a face, communicate ideas, set up your room, equipment and of course, inject different faces

- Others might want more specific help, for example finding models to inject and work on full face examination and treatments using 10+ml of filler


If you want to know more about a treatment or locations, drop Dr Jake a quick message:

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