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The quality of injecting in Australia is, like most countries, extremely variable. There are no formal qualifications and any nurse, doctor or dentist can inject paying patients.

Dr Jake believes that it's therefore our obligation as injectors to continually improve our consultation skills, technical ability, complications knowledge and improve every year.


Unlike generic courses, Dr Jake aims to uniquely tailor things directly for your needs.

the market

The Australian injectable market is unique and is largely shaped by the multi-chain clinics. Competition is fierce, prices are low and the playing field is rapidly evolving. If injectors don't continually up-skill, challenge themselves and seek out new knowledge, they will likely fall behind the rest.


Only the most passionate and most open-minded injectors who are willing to adapt with the times will succeed. These injectors will be able to modify there techniques no matter what patient comes into their clinic and treat them with confidence.

career reality

Injecting can be a lonely world and even successful injectors in busy clinics can feel isolated. It can be difficult to progress or do more advanced treatments when balancing making a living and not putting your patients at risk.


Dr Jake will provide injectors with a safe place to discuss their weaknesses and worries. Injectors unfortunately work in a filtered, Instagram-dominated and ultra-competitive space so this opportunity gives injectors a private place to learn, practice and grow without judgement.

why be mentored by Dr Jake?

Dr Jake Sloane mentoring background image


Dr Jake is a leading injector and key opinion leader internationally.


He co-founded his own podcast 'Inside Aesthetics' that is now listened to in over 60 countries.

He has also been invited to partner with  ​Skinceuticals, the world's leading skincare company

Dr Jake Sloane

Surgical teacher

Dr Jake trained as a surgeon in the UK & Australia and completed a 3 year anatomy degree prior to doing medicine. His dissertation focussed on facial morphology.

He taught for the Royal College of Surgeons England, training doctors in surgical techniques and supervised his juniors to learn to operate in theatre.

Dr Jake Sloane injecting strategy

Injecting philosophy

Dr Jake's injecting philosophy is to always approach the face holistically.


He specialises in full face treatments utilising the MD Codes™.


He believes in restoring people's optimum anatomy to create stunning and natural-looking results.

Allergan Medical Institute

Allergan trainer & KOL

In 2018 Dr Jake was invited by Allergan Aesthetics to become a national trainer and key opinion leader for the Allergan Medical Institute.


In this role he regularly trains doctors, surgeons and nurses in theory, hands on injecting and the latest anti-wrinkle and filler techniques

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Fat dissolving KOL

Dr Jake is also recognised as a key opinion leader in fat dissolving and he has performed one of the highest number of completed cases in Australia.


In 2019 he was invited by Professor Greg Goodman to teach for FaceCoach Live, specialising in sub-mental & other off-label fat dissolving treatments

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MD Codes™ Mentorship

In January 2020, Dr Jake was selected in a global application process as one of only 59 injectors in the world to undertake a two year mentorship under Dr Mauricio De Maio.


This will lead to him becoming a recognised MD Codes™ trainer and expert.

is this something i need to do?

 Every serious professional needs ongoing development and no-one is perfect. When Dr Jake was a surgical trainee, every operation he did was scrutinised, graded and documented in an online logbook that he had to present to the surgical college each year. This proved his experience and competency for practical skills that were learnt only with experience and time.


Whilst this type of system doesn't yet exist for injectables, the best injectors can explicitly choose to differentiate themselves from the rest by being better in everything that they do. Currently, injectables are commonly grouped in the same category as beauty and spa treatments and in Dr Jake's opinion, this is unacceptable. Medical professionals have a special relationship with their patients (they are not our clients) and as such we need to elevate everything that we do to give them the best outcomes. Our patients should never, ever be injected unless there is a clear plan, using logical, repeatable and as safe as possible methods.


Through three main offerings, Dr Jake aims to help injectors as a teacher, as a confidant, as a mentor and as someone who you can trust in the professional environment.  Whilst training should be an enjoyable experience, you'll always be pushed to be better. Occasionally some harsh truths might be given in a constructive manner to show you the bigger picture and for you to advance to your next level.


sessions available

Dr Jake in clinic
Shadowing days


This is the most cost effective option with no commitment. Here you can join Dr Jake in his Sydney clinic to watch how he assesses and treats his patients live.

Each day will be different but no guarantee can be made for what you might observe.


Join patient consultations, ask as many questions as you like, learn about clinical photography and get close up views on a variety of injectable techniques.

Dr Jake training injectables
Training sessions


In this session, up to 4 hours will be dedicated to one on one focused training with 2-3 model patients. Anti-wrinkle treatment, fillers or fat dissolving treatments can be taught on the day.


*More than one injector can attend for an additional fee to observe/share the injecting


Consult, assess & photograph your patient then discussing treatment planning and inject your patient with Dr Jake supervising you in real time


coming soon

This will be a virtual mentorship only for more advanced injectors including: 

-whatsapp support for 3 months

-intro webinar on consultation techniques

- a clinical photography webinar

- submission of 4 cases studies (performed in your own time & videoed) to get detailed feedback via a group zoom webinar

This is the most in depth support available. Those who show exceptional skill may be invited to join future training or commercial opportunities

Before proceeding to a booking a session, you'll first have a brief zoom meeting with Dr Jake to assess where you're at. It's important to think about the typical patients you see, what your not so good at and try to focus in on what you'll most benefit from. It's best to be brutally honest with yourself and think about your last years injecting:


- what have you really struggled with?

what do you avoid injecting?

- what problems have you encountered?

- do you get frequently have tricky consultations?

- do you frequently have unhappy patients?

- how many complaints have you had?

- have you had many complications?

- if so, what did you do about them?

models & products used

To keep your costs to a minimum, it's recommended that you charge your model for any stock used on the day. This will be supplied by Dr Jake (not via your clinic) and only products from the Allergan range will be used. Dr Jake can access the best discounts available and you'll only ever be charged cost prices. The costs will be discussed with you during your initial zoom meeting so that you have a rough idea of what to charge your models.