What are migraine treatments?

This type of treatment is not for people who get the odd migraine - these occasional headaches can be treated with simple, over the counter headache medications.
When considering anti-wrinkle injections for migraines, the following criteria is more appropriate:
  • you suffer for 10 or more days a month with migraines
  • it has been occurring for over 6 months
  • you've tried several types of migraine medications without relief from your GP
  • you currently rely on pain medications to cope

What types of migraine can be treated?

Anti-wrinkle injections can only treat migraines related to muscle tension. So headaches with symptoms of cluster headaches or other neurologically-related headaches will not benefit from the muscle-relaxing properties of the treatment. You should seek help fro your GP who can refer you to a neurologist* if they think this is appropriate.

Muscle tension-related migraines usually feel like a tight band being squeezed around the forehead, temples or back of the head. It may feel sore and massaging the areas may give you minor or temporary relief.
So called periodic migraines may have the same feeling as tension headaches, but they also classically have a predictable frequency (i.e weekly, monthly). They often have triggers such as stress, alcohol, chocolate or caffeine. They often affect sufferers badly enough to make them seek a dark quiet room and solitude until the symptoms resolve.  

Anti-wrinkle treatments for headaches are not a first line therapy and should only considered when other investigations and treatments by your GP have proved unsuccessful. Dr Jake will discuss your headache history with you in detail before going ahead with a treatment.

How are migraines treated with anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections for migraines are given in the same way for every person following a standardised protocol. A minimum of 31 injections are performed with a minimum dose of 155 units. The forehead, temples, back of the scalp, neck and trapezius (tops of the shoulders) are treated.
* It's also important for migraine suffers to know that the treatment can be PBS-reimbursed - this means that part of the cost of the anti-wrinkle treatment will be covered through Medicare. This will only be possible if your GP refers you to a neurologist and not Dr Jake.