Re-opening information 
(Updated 07/10/21)

What is the latest news? 

Dr Jake's clinics will open on October 11th. If you need to change your booking date or time, you can do this yourself here (go to 'edit my booking') and see what else is available.

Will I be able to see Dr Jake without a COVID vaccination?

By law, we will only be able to treat double vaccinated patients into our clinics for now. This may change on December 1st and we will await for further updates on this.


If you haven't already, please email us a copy of your certificate as soon as you can and also keep a copy on your phone for reference:

Surry Hills bookings:

Mosman bookings:

Vaccinations and injectables - are there any issues in doing these close together?

There are no issues whatsoever in doing anti-wrinkle injections at the same time as having COVID vaccines, so you don't need to worry.

However for filler treatments,, please book in for any filler treatments with a minimum of 2 weeks after your second COVID vaccination. This will help reduce the rare risk of excessive swelling or tenderness after your filler treatment (read more about 'Delayed Onset Nodules' on the FAQ page under the filler section

What can I do to prepare for my treatment and make it as efficient as possible?

With such a busy schedule and to be COVID-safe, we want to maximise your treatment time. Please follow the following instructions:

1) Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to go through the check in formalities. (Please don't come earlier as we have a limit on how many patients can be in the clinic at any given time)

2) Please come on your own. Parents, partners, children and friends will not be allowed in the clinic with you.

3) Please come with a cleansed face and no makeup, foundation, sunscreen or similar. Removing these products thoroughly is time consuming but also very unnecessary. You can't wear products or makeup for 12 hours after a filler treatment anyway so please don’t wear them to the clinic either. 


But more importantly, wearing products increases your chances of complications and infections and so it's very important to follow the aftercare instructions.

4) If you want fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments on the same day, booking a filler treatment is perfectly fine and there will be plenty of time. You don’t need to book a separate anti-wrinkle treatment.


However if you’ve booked an anti-wrinkle treatment and also want fillers, you will need to book for a separate filler treatment  (Anti-wrinkle appointments are too short to also do fillers)