bio-remodelling filler treatments

The first of its kind, this is a new and revolutionary 'beneath the skin' filler. Made with patented NAHYCO® technology, this filler is made from a unique injectable gel which has a prolonged stimulating activity on the skin. When injected, it stimulates the skin cell receptors to counteract skin laxity whilst also improving and restoring firmness to the skin,.


what does 'bio-remodelling' mean?

The activity of this filler lasts longer than previous generations of what are called 'skin booster' fillers. These were designed to improve the superficial hydration of the skin only and were typically very short-lasting.


Instead, four different types of collagen and elastin are stimulated, resulting in an improvement in the skin's overall architecture. Therefore not only does this new filler boost hydration of the skin, but it also improves to main signs of skin ageing - laxity and a loss of skin firmness.

The research that is ongoing has also indicated that this new injectable has some unexpected and exciting additional qualities. It has also been shown to influence the muscle cells, fat cells and even the bone layer of the face - together in effect slowing down the ageing process even further. 


This is what differentiates it from all other skin fillers and what is meant by 'bio-remodelling'. 

what areas are typically treated?

Bio-remodelling skin treatments are most commonly done on these three areas:


the face


 the neck


the decolletage (upper chest)

how often should I do skin bio-remodelling fillers?

Initial treatment

After a consultation to confirm your suitability for a treatment, 1ml of filler is injected each side in a systematic way (Therefore you get 2ml of product per session included in the price)

1 month later

Four weeks later, we'll do a repeat treatment session using exactly the same protocol:

1ml per side (so 2ml in total per area)

4-6 months later

To maintain the results, treatments 4-6 months apart are recommended. Only one session is required for maintenance treatments.

(If your starting point is very dehydrated or crepy skin, you will benefit doing more 

frequent maintenance treatments)