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Bio-remodelling treatments tailored for you.

This treatment was launched in Australia in 2022 and is designed to improve the quality of the skin.


When injected, this product has a prolonged stimulating activity on particular receptors in the skin layer. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the two main building blocks of our skin that we lose as we age. This net result of longer term use of bio-remodelling treatments are better skin hydration, improved firmness of the skin and less laxity to the overall skin layer.

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What are bio-remodelling treatments?

This type of treatment is different to traditional fillers. There is no volumising, no shaping or contouring of the face. Instead, these treatments can be thought of as being analogous to 'injectable skin care' -  to improve the quality, texture and feeling of the skin.

This treatment improves the integrity, firmness and hydration of the skin. Bio- remodelling treatments doesn't shape or volumise the face in any way and this is why they aren't really considered to be traditional 'fillers'.


Patients report improvements including:

  • Better skin texture

  • Plumper skin

  • Less dry skin

  • Less crepey skin

  • Improvement of fine lines

  • An overall 'glow' to the skin

None of these changes are 'obvious', and this is why bio-remodelling treatments are ideal for those new to injectables, but also for those looking to take their aesthetic journey to the next level.


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Bio-remodelling treatment areas

Key features of bio-remodelling treatments 


New patient consultations and treatments can be done on the same day if you are suitable. then you'll need a second bio-remodelling session a month later to start getting the benefits.

Face & body indications

Bio-remodelling treatments are most commonly performed on the face, neck and décolletage (chest/cleavage areas). But Dr Jake also treats the back of the hands, crepey skin of the abdomen (post-pregnancy skin), and wrinkly elbows or knees.

Outstanding satisfaction

For patients already looking after their skin, these treatments can provide exceptional and long-term anti-aging results. Whilst subtle, patients report better hydration, plumpness, firmness and laxity.

Excellent longevity

Bio-remodelling treatments are performed as a minimum of two treatments to start seeing the results. Depending on your baseline skin quality, further treatments can be tailored to give you the best long-term results. These are recommended every 3-6 months.

What is the downtime & aftercare?

  • For the first 12-24 hours after a face treatment, you'll be able to see and feel some 'bumps' on the area treated. The bio-remodelling product  is injected very superficially into the skin creating small bumps that look like mosquito bites! Whilst these often disappear within minutes or hours, it's best to time bio-remodelling treatments around your schedule or work. The neck and décolletage areas have thinner skin and the bumps are sometimes visible for 48-72 hours here.

  • Bruising is part and parcel of any injectable treatment and so this can in a minority of cases occur. Sme people heal very quickly from bruises but others who are fairer skinned, those with more mature or thinner skin can take 1-2 weeks to heal from a simple bruise.


Price guide

These treatments are initially performed over two sessions, each spaced a month apart.

So please book TWO sessions 4 weeks apart to ensure that you get the benefit of the treatment


Two sessions spaced one month apart

One area per session


Two areas per session ($850 per syringe)


Three areas per session ($825 per syringe)


Or for the best value, you can combine a bio-remodelling session with an anti-wrinkle or filler treatment

  $800 per area


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