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what are skin hydration treatments?

Skin hydration treatments use the newest and thinnest fillers available. They are designed specifically for skin improvement only - so they don't shape, plump or volumise like traditional dermal fillers. You might have also heard of the treatments being referred to as skinboosters, injectable moisturisers, micro-fillers or beauty boosters. Improvements to expect from hydro-filler treatments include:

- better skin hydration

- improved elasticity

- less crepey skin

- better tone

- luminosity (that difficult to achieve 'glow')

what areas can be treated?

Skin hydration treatments can be used to improve the quality of the skin in several key areas. They can  treat localised problem skin areas or can be utilised for general skin improvement. We can treat:


- the under eyes (1ml)

- the neck (2ml)

- the entire of the face (3ml)

- the chest/cleavage area (3ml)

- the back of the hands (4ml)

 skin hydration treatment planning

Only one treatment session needs to be performed to start getting the benefits. For optimal results, treatments should be done twice a year. For problem areas like the under eyes, a third session could be considered.


It's essential to stress that skin hydration treatments aren't a replacement for daily skin protection and care. So often people want a quick fix but no amount of injectables can improve UV-damaged skin. 


It's absolutely essential to use factor 50 protection everyday in the Australian climate, to drink enough water every day (2.5L or more), to stop smoking, have a healthy balanced diet and to use medical grade skin care products to maintain your skins natural oils, collagen levels and elastic properties.

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