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Excessive sweating treatments tailored for you.

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What are excessive sweating treatments? 

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a condition characterized by uncontrollable and excessive sweating that goes beyond what is necessary for regulating body temperature.


It most commonly affects the underarms but the forehead, scalp, chest back and other areas are sometimes treated. This condition can have a significant impact on your self-esteem, confidence and overall quality of life.

The same product we use for anti-wrinkle treatment is also a highly effective treatment option for treating excessive sweating. We can use it to target the sweat glands and block the release of sweat for up to 9 months.


Excessive sweating treatment areas

What are the benefits of excessive sweating treatments? 


Consultations for excessive sweating treatments are 45 minutes. If you are suitable for a treatment, treatments can be done on the day.

Multiple indications

Dr Jake treats the underarms, forehead, scalp, back and chest areas. (The palms and soles of the feet require a anaesthetic block that make it impractical to drive immediately after)

Outstanding satisfaction

Excessive sweating treatments can hugely improve your quality of life and confidence. Social anxiety from the embarrassment of sweating can be reduced and you'll feel more comfortable.

Excellent longevity

Excessive sweating treatment results last 6-9 months on average. 

What is the downtime & aftercare for excessive sweating treatments?

Generally there is minimal downtime after an excessive sweating treatment but it's typical to expect:

  • Some mild redness and 'swellings' of the area. This will settle in an hour or so after the treatment.

  • Bruises may occur and this is self-limiting

  • Mild tenderness can be expected and again this will settle over the next few days


Price guide

Reduce & stop uncomfortable sweating for 6-9 months. Areas that can be treated include the underarms, scalp, chest, back or palms. The total rice is dependant on the surface of the area being treated (this dictates how much product is needed) and if the palms are being done, a nerve block is also needed for anaesthesia.


100 units

From $1550


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