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Dr Jake's policies

Terms & conditions

Dr Jake encourages his patients to read the following policies prior to booking in:

Consultation fees

Consultation fees


  • If you have a treatment on the same day as your consultation, this $250 is deducted off the total.

  • If you need more time to think over things, your treatment needs to be delayed for medical reasons* or you're not suitable for treatment reason, the fee is not refundable

*A filler treatment will not be performed on the same day as your consultation in the following scenarios:

- if you have an infection such as flu, cold, sinusitis, chest infection, a UTI or similar

- if you have surgery, an invasive procedure or a dental procedure within two weeks of the filler appointment (before or after)

- if you have a breakout of cystic acne of the face

- if you have a cold sore and want lip filler

- if you want a filler treatment within two weeks of a vaccination

- the expected downtime of the treatment conflicting with your work or social events

- needing more time to think about your treatment and not being 100% sure

- Dr Jake delaying your treatment because he feels it's in your best interests to wait (or very occasionally, to not do a treatment at all)

Every effort is made to avoid these circumstances and you will be sent a medical history form and pre-treatment checklist upon booking to warn you not to book or cancel your appointment should these scenarios affect you. The $250 consultation fee is not refundable should you be affected by these scenarios on the day of your consultation.


How to change your booking time or date

If you want to change your appointment for another date or time, there are two ways of doing this:

1) Edit your booking yourself - This is the easiest way to change your booking, just click the button below:



Then head to 'edit my booking', log into the booking system using your phone number and look for another time and date. Please note that Dr Jake is often booked out for weeks or even months ahead - the dates that you can see online are the only ones available and no extra slots are available.

2) Call the clinic - if you need help changing your booking please just call the clinic that you booked at:

Dr Jake's two locations are not linked as businesses so please do not call Mosman if you were booked at Surry Hills or vice versa.


If you need to speak to someone regarding your appointment out of hours, please just email the clinic and we'll contact you as soon as possible:


Surry Hills:

Late arrivals

Cancellations & refunds

- You can cancel your appointment for any reason up to 72 hours before. Your deposit will be refunded no questions asked, please just email the clinic or call us to cancel. (It's best to not leave voicemails as these can get missed)

- You'll receive an acknowledgement email reply and the refund will be processed back to the card that you used to book in. Please be aware that this can take 5-10 working days and we cannot refund your booking fee to another card or transfer it to a bank account.

- If you cancel within 72 hours, your booking fee will be forfeited.


- If you are sick, isolating with COVID, have a family emergency, etc then please let us know asap and in this circumstance we will try to move your appointment to another time if we have slots available. Please note that we cannot move other patients to accomodate you if you have missed an appointment due to illness or an emergency. 

What to do if you're running late for your appoinment?

Life is never perfect and we totally understand - bad traffic or other problems will always happen. Our clinics will do our best to run to schedule and we'll let you know if we are also running late although this is rare.


But if you are running  late to you appointment, please let us know as soon as possible - our receptionists will do their very best to see if Dr Jake can accommodate you if he has time after your original booking slot. Due to how fully booked he often is, your consultation or treatment may have to be shortened or it may not be possible at all if it impacts the other patients already booked in. In this scenario you will forfeit your booking fee.

No shows

No shows

A specific time and date is reserved for you and your $250 booking fee guarantees this. If you don't arrive for your scheduled appointment, you will forfeit your booking fee.

If you have a history of consistent no-shows, lateness, cancellations or continual booking changes, Dr Jake reserves the right to cancel any future appointments with you and block you from booking in online in the future.

Treatment reviews

Follow ups & treatment reviews

Like any medical procedure, results are never guaranteed. They can vary, expectations can differ and downtime or complications do occasionally occur. This is explained in your consultation and consent process prior to any treatment. 

All feedback is welcomed and Dr Jake will happily review you to see what's concerning you. Every face is different and every patient has different expectations of what is normal after an injectable treatment. It's often a case of re-discussing the process, going over what the treatment was for, re-explaining the technique used and to recap what was expected post-treatment. Very occasionally a fine tuning of your treatment might be indicated, for example adding a few extra units of anti-wrinkle treatment to soften some residual lines.


But whatever the issue is, please book in for a complimentary 'treatment review' treatment by either booking online (these are available under 'returning patients' or if you can't find a spot online, just call the clinic.

- treatment review (anti-wrinkle follow up - 15 minute appointment)

If you've had a recent anti-wrinkle treatment within the last 2 weeks and would like to have a complimentary 15 minute review, please use this booking option. This slot is designed as a check up or if you might want some extra product added. If any extra anti-wrinkle product is needed, this will be charged per unit as usual.

- treatment review (filler follow up - 30 minute appointment)

If you've had a recent filler treatment (within the past month) and would like to be reviewed, please use this complimentary booking option. This slot is designed for patients who would like to have their fillers assessed for the results, bruising, excessive swelling, an obvious asymmetry or anything else that you aren't sure about. Please let us know in the notes section of the booking what your concern is and do not use this booking for a routine filler treatment.

Emergencies & out of hours contact

If you think that you have an emergency post-procedure, please contact Dr Jake directly. The best way of doing this is to document everything that you are worried about, describe what the issue is and to also take some good quality photos or videos of the issue on your phone. Text this information to Dr Jake on +61423796317 and he will triage the information as soon as he can and contact you. 

It's advised to not go to your GP or ED unless absolutely necessary because non-cosmetic doctors are less likely to be experienced in managing injectable emergencies. Dr Jake will refer you to any speciality needed himself if further care is required. 



Dr Jake will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve in your consultation. He will also be very honest about what can and can't be done. As a result, cosmetic consultations or treatments can, in rare circumstances, be confronting for patients. They can stir up deep-seated emotions for a number of reasons and occasionally, treatments may be refused if they aren't appropriate.

In the opposite way, treatments can also offer patients a huge boost in confidence. This is the ideal goal of a good treatment but it's also important to balance them and do them in an appropriate, staged-manner. Again, Dr Jake will reserve the right to treat his patients in a way that he feels is in your best interests.


If you aren't happy with something that occurs before, during or after your treatment, please let us know what happened. We recommend doing this in a brief email, describing what happened and why you are upset. Here a response will be given to you as soon as  possible and an appointment will be made in person if appropriate to discuss your concerns. You can email Dr Jake directly on:

Please note that refunds are never offered as part of a complaint resolution and this is also noted on your consent forms.

Refusal of treatment

The clinic staff and Dr Jake will aim to be as polite and accomodating as they can. In return, we ask that our patients treat us in the same manner. Rude, threatening behavior or similar phone calls, texts or emails will not be tolerated. Medical procedures require trust between a doctor and their patient. In this rare circumstance, Dr Jake may reserve the right to refuse treatments, cancel future bookings and block online bookings from you.

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