The total face approach

examining your features

For new patients, Dr Jake will examine your entire face and neck to devise the right treatment plan for you. Using the 'total face approach', you'll be shown that it's important to look beyond the superficial wrinkles that you may have assumed were the main signs of ageing.


By understanding the root causes of facial ageing, we can start to address and restore the features that you've slowly lost over time. This is key to understanding the basis of facial aesthetic treatments - we won't aim to add characteristics that you never had as these would look out of place and unnatural. Particular attention will be given to:

your face shape

your overall symmetry

your facial proportions

your profile view and the nose

distracting features (obvious wrinkles)

all of the layers of your face:

the skin, the fat 'pads', the muscles and your bone structure

your eyes, eyelids and eyebrows

the area around your mouth

the lips - their volume, definition and shape

your jawline and chin

your neck

your upper chest

the back of your hands


Whether you have simple wrinkles or more significant signs of ageing, it's vital to understand how all of these features contribute to your overall look. If we can correct the foundations of facial ageing first, balance your proportions and then refine some of the finer features, the sum of these improvements adds up to what we generically call 'beauty'.

Having been trained this way by some of the leading cosmetic doctors in the industry, Dr Jake is proud to help his clients achieve stunning results that look age-appropriate. The goal isn't to change your face, it's to restore you to a better version of yourself.