dermal fillers

how are fillers used?

A dermal filler is an injectable product that we use to restore structure, contour or shape. Modern fillers are made from a natural sugar molecule that we already have in our skin. As a result, we replacing like for like.

As we age our faces 'deflate' - areas become flatter or sunken. This is what we mean by 'volume loss'. Some areas of the face age faster than others, leading to predictable changes and hollows. By targeting these area with fillers, we can restore youthful features and in some cases even 'lift' the face back to where it used to be.

To lift sagging areas, we need to restore shape and volume to areas such as the cheek bones, the temples and the lateral face. To reverse the giveaway signs of ageing without being obvious or overfilled, it's crucial that we target some key anatomical zones in a holistic way. Dr Jake was trained to use the MD Codes™, an advanced injecting technique. This was developed by Dr Mauricio De Maio, the world's leading cosmetic injector and he is Dr Jake's mentor.


how does Dr Jake use fillers?

When you have a consultation with Dr Jake, he'll assess your whole face. This is to understand how your own face looks and is aging. Then Dr Jake can narrow down which treatments apply to your own needs. Some injectors treat people by offering lips, cheeks, jawline filler, etc as isolated treatments, but it's incredibly important to look beyond this type of service-led treatment so that what we do compliments the whole face. Below is a summary of what volumes of filler might be used in each part of the face:


lip fillers


cheek fillers

1-3ml per side

tear trough fillers


chin & jawline


nasolabial lines

1ml per side

eyebrow fillers

1-2ml per side

the liquid nose job 1ml

temple fillers

1-2ml per side

'the liquid face lift' 10ml +


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