Dr Jake Sloane - cosmetic doctor & facial aesthetic injector

Dr Jake Sloane has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s leading cosmetic doctors. With over 13 years of experience in anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and fat dissolving injections, he's an elite injector who is changing the way in how things are done.


With a unique background in anatomy, surgery and non-surgical treatments, Dr Jake's key goals for this patients are safe, harmonious and natural-looking results.

why choose Dr Jake?


Dr Jake has over 13 years of experience in injectables and is a national trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, the world's leading facial aesthetics company.


He is seen as an elite injector and his work is sought after for his holistic approach to the face. His reputation is based on treating the entire face with stunning but natural results.



Building a relationship with your injector is absolutely fundamental. Your medical history, wants, needs and concerns must all be aligned, every single treatment.


Injectables are a bespoke treatment and no two faces are alike. Building trust and a facial treatment plan are the key to excellent results.


Dr Jake is available at three clinics across two states :


Surry Hills, NSW


Mosman, NSW

Brisbane, QLD


Dr Jake has degrees in both Anatomy & Medicine, in addition to being a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (England).


This background guarantees a level of knowledge in an industry that is unregulated and currently lacks any formal qualifications.



The most important part of your treatment is the consultation. Dr Jake will  take  a detailed history so that your expectations are explored and you have time to talk.


New consultations are 60 minutes and anti-wrinkle appointments are 30 minutes.


It's vital that you can communicate directly with your treating doctor. For out of hours issues or if you just forgot to ask something, it's important that you can talk to your doctor.


Dr Jake is personally available directly by phone, text or Instagram direct message