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Dr Jake Sloane is one of Australia’s leading aesthetic doctors with over 15 years of experience in anti-wrinkle treatmentsdermal fillers.


He graduated in both Anatomy (1999-2002) and Medicine (2022-2007) before working as as a General Surgeon. He worked in public hospitals in both the UK and Australia for a decade before dedicating his focus to non-surgical treatments and facial aesthetics.  This unique background and experience has given him the tools to become a highly skilled injector, educator & international speaker.

Dr Jake is a thought leader and a disruptor in the industry, questioning and challenging accepted practice to constantly evolve and take things to the next level. This includes incorporating the latest technology including using aesthetic ultrasound in his practice.


In addition to injecting, Dr Jake holds several other positions including:


- International Key Opinion Leader & trainer for the Allergan Medical Institute

- National trainer for the new bio-remodelling treatment

- Aesthetic Ultrasound trainer for Cutaneous Facial Ultrasound

- International speaker at global aesthetic congresses including CMAC (London, 2022), AMWC (Miami, 2023), Refine 2.0 (Osaka, 2023) & MD Codes™ JAPAC event (Bangkok, 2023)

In addition to his aesthetic work, in 2019 he co-founded Inside Aesthetics, now the world’s most downloaded and listened to injectables podcast. Having produced over 200 episodes and with over 1 million listens, Inside Aesthetics has become a key educational channel for injectors and the industry globally. 

Dr Jake's Instagram

  • Instagram

Dr Jake uses his Instagram profile to share his work, his opinions and to update his followers on what he's up to. By scrolling through his posts, reels and stories, you'll get a very good idea about who he is, see examples of his work and understand what his attitude to aesthetics (and life!) is. 


Dr Jake doesn't hold back from saying things how they are and won't shy away from discussing controversies or awkward topics. This attitude shines through in his consultations and he will be honest about how he can or can't help his patients.

He also occasionally advertises model opportunities on Instagram for training days when he's looking for particular facial features or you can apply online for future opportunities by clicking here

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