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Dr Jake Sloane

Dr Jake Sloane is recognised as one of Australia’s leading aesthetic doctors with over 16 years of experience.


In a world dominated by a confusing array of options, treatment modalities and injectors, Dr Jake aims to offers ethical, safe and evidence-based solutions.


Dr Jake is also an international speaker, trainer and is the host of Inside Aesthetics, the world's most listened to aesthetics podcast.

***Important news: new regulatory guidelines***

Over the past two years, the regulators (AHPRA and the TGA) have increasingly applied stricter rules around what is a acceptable by clinics and what can be advertised on websites and social media.


From March 7th 2024 it was clarified by the TGA that certain previously accepted methods of communicating with patients and marketing are now illegal. 

The main changes that you will notice on this website and Dr Jake's social media include:

1) Advertising pricing or a price list is now not allowed

Prices can still be discussed in person or by requesting them: 

Surry Hills:


2) Listing treatment options or services is no longer allowed - Instead, new patients can book for a generic 'new patient consultation' and in person Dr Jake will explain what the best treatments are for your features.

3) Before and after images now cannot mention what treatment was done to the patient.

For new patients

The world of facial aesthetics is incredibly confusing and sadly there's a lot of conflicting information on social media and online. Patients often come to see Dr Jake very anxious about what they've read or heard, worried about looking strange after a treatment and scared of the rare side effects. He understands this and will guide you through your options without judgement. 

For existing patients

If you're an existing patient of Dr Jake, you'll know how things work and can look forward to your next treatment!


As well as treating patients, Dr Jake dedicates a significant portion of his time to medical education and improving standards. He consults as a key opinion leader for several leading companies including Allergan Aesthetics, Dermocosmetica and Rejuran


He trains injectors both in Australia and internationally, lecturing at world congresses to share his expertise. In 2024 he will be leading some in person masterclasses  - if you are an injector and are keen to up skill with Dr Jake please click here


Dr Jake is also the co-founder and co-host of a hugely successful podcast called Inside Aesthetics (IA). In fact, IA has become the world's most listened to aesthetics podcast with over 1.6 million listens in over 100 countries. The podcast showcases global key opinion leaders, injectors and brands. Using this unique platform,  Dr Jake is know as a thought leader and for challenging dogma to improve the education of injectors.


Not satisfied with just the podcast, he also created an on demand educational platform and networking platform for injectors on Patreon - click here if you are an injector

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