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Fees & pricing

Consultations & deposits


  • If you have a treatment on the same day as your consultation, $250 is either:

- deducted off the total if you don't want a future booking

- or kept on file as a deposit for your next booking

  • If in your consultation you decide that you need more time to think over things, you decide to delay your treatment because of the downtime involved or you're not suitable for whatever reason, the $250 fee is not refundable or transferable to another day.

  • For anti-wrinkle treatments, there is a minimum charge of $350 (regardless of how many units are used)

Dr Jake Sloane - Consultations

What consultation should I book?

Dr Jake has a number of different consultation types and these are divided into:


Consultations for new patients

Consultations for returning patients


A consultation is a fundamental part of your treatment planning journey and new patients are given longer booking slots. If you are a new patient, an hour is dedicated to explore your background and medical history, your needs but also fears about injectables, clinical photography is done and a cooling off period is sometimes suggested if you are at all unsure about proceeding.


Regardless of what treatment you think you might want, you will need to have a full consultation to evaluate your aesthetic needs and for Dr Jake to design a sensible treatment plan for you.

Dr Jake - Injector Mentoring

What's included in the price?

  • 60 minutes is dedicated for all new patient consultations, regardless of what you think you might need or want

  • Your medical history, previous aesthetic treatments, wants, wishes and worries will all be explored.


  • Clinical photos will be taken to explore why certain treatments may or may not be suitable for your own features. These will also be kept as a medical record to help monitor your progress.


  • Dr Jake is one of very few injectors in Australia who incorporates aesthetic ultrasound into his practice to further improve patient safety and help manage complications. 


  • Only the most comfortable needles are used for anti-wrinkle injections and for fillers, the market-leading TSK cannulas.

  • A complimentary review is always be offered (bookable straight after your treatment or later by yourself online)

  • You'll be given Dr Jake's direct details so you can contact him personally if you ever have any urgent questions or concerns.

Why can't I get a quote before I book?

New patients often want to know a ballpark price of what their treatment will be before they book in. And that's totally understandable as you'll want to know if your budget covers what's needed.


But each and every face is completely different. Until you've had an in depth consultation, it's really impossible to know how much filler or anti-wrinkle might be required or what technique might be required. Dr Jake recommends that new patients come with an open mind to try and understand facial aesthetics properly instead of only focusing on the price or over-simplified outcomes like 'cheek fillers'. This is why 60 minutes is dedicated to all new patients and he doesn't advertise specific treatments.


If that seems unusual, just imagine a mechanic trying to quote what a car repair might cost before they've had a chance to see the car - it simply isn't possible! They'll first need to see the car, assess the damage, work out what parts are needed and also tailor the repair to the car make, year of registration and so on. 


Facial aesthetics and injectables are more complicated still and it would be completely wrong to quote you a price before you've been consulted and had an in depth examination of your anatomy. 

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