how much is it going to be?

what's included?

- An hour is dedicated for your first consultation. This is a fundamental part of your treatment planning journey. Regardless of what treatment you think you might want, all patients will have a full face consultation to evaluate their facial concerns and create the most holistic treatment plan.


- Your medical history, previous aesthetic treatments, wants, wishes and worries will be explored. It's vitally important to understand you as a person and work out how the treatments proposed might help improve how you want to be perceived.


- Photos will be taken to illustrate why certain treatments may or may not be suitable for your own face.


- Only premium tools and products are ever used.

- A complimentary review will be offered (bookable straight after your treatment or later by yourself online)

- You'll be given Dr Jake's details so you can contact him personally if you ever have any questions or concerns.

why is a deposit needed?

- When you book in online, you'll be asked to pay an $100 deposit to secure your booking slot.


- This acts a consultation fee and a time will be reserved for your consultation or treatment.


- If you proceed to have a treatment on the same day as your consultation, your $100 deposit goes towards the total (So you do not have to pay for both the consultation and then the treatment)

- If however you need more time to think over things or your treatment needs to be planned for the future for medical reasons, the consultation fee is not refundable.


- If you decide to cancel for any reason 24 hours before to your treatment, your deposit will be refunded no questions asked. Please just email the relevant clinic (see the details below in the footer) and explain that you would like to cancel and be refunded.

- You'll receive an acknowledgement email reply and the refund will be processed back to your card. (Please be aware that this can take 5 working days)

- If you cancel within 24 hours , your deposit will be forfeited.