Consultation fees

When you book online or in clinic for any treatment, a $250 consultation fee is payable.

This acts a deposit and a time is reserved for your consultation +/- treatment.


- If you have a treatment on the same day as your consultation, $250 is deducted off the total

- If you need more time to think over things, your treatment needs to be delayed for

social reasons or you're not suitable for treatment reason, the fee is not refundable or transferable

Click here for a full break down of Dr Jake's policies, his cancellation policy, refunds and more

What consultation should I book?

Dr Jake has a number of different consultation types and these are divided into:


- Consultations for new patients

- Consultations for returning patients


A consultation is a fundamental part of your treatment planning journey and new patients are given longer booking slots. Regardless of what treatment you think you might want, you will need to have a full consultation to evaluate your aesthetic needs and for Dr Jake to design you a sensible treatment plan.

What's included in the price?

- Your medical history, previous aesthetic treatments, wants, wishes and worries will all be explored.


- It's vitally important to understand you as a person, your job and how conservative or otherwise your personality is. This will help guide what treatment options may help improve how you want to be perceived, but also without feeling self-conscious or looking 'done'.


- Clinical photos will be taken to explore why certain treatments may or may not be suitable for your own features. These will be kept as a medical record to monitor your progress..


- Only premium tools and products are used: Allergan-branded anti-wrinkle product and fillers, in addition to the new IBSA bio-remodelling filler

- Dr Jake is one of very few injectors in Australia who incorporates aesthetic ultrasound into his injecting to further improve his accuracy and safety. If this is required prior to a filler treatment it is complimentary.


- Only the most comfortable needles are used for anti-wrinkle injections and for fillers, the market-leading TSK cannulas.

- A complimentary review is always be offered (bookable straight after your treatment or later by yourself online)

- You'll be given Dr Jake's details so you can contact him personally if you ever have any questions or urgent concerns.