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Dr Jake's background

Dr Jake Sloane is originally from the UK. He trained as a general surgeon in both London and Sydney for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in several sub-specialties including colorectal, trauma and breast surgery.


At the same time as training as a surgeon, Dr Jake completed his first training course as a cosmetic injector in 2008. Over time and with 16 years of experience behind him, he has become known as a thought leader, for his innovative approach and outstanding results.

After over a decade devoted to public hospital work, in 2017 Dr Jake left surgical training to focus on a career as an aesthetic doctor.

Key Opinion Leader & Trainer

Allergan Aesthetics

In June 2018, Dr Jake was invited to become a trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, the world's leading facial aesthetics company. In this role, Dr Jake works as an educator to train doctors and nurses across Australia and internationally. 

He was selected by Allergan Aesthetics to be mentored for two yeas under the world-renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Mauricio De Maio. This was a huge honour for Dr Jake and helped up skill his injectable technique.

In 2023 Dr Jake was selected as one of only 10 doctors in the Asia-Pacific region for Allergan's RISE programme. This will streamline Dr Jake's pathway to act as a global educator and help support injectors in Asia and beyond. 



In 2022, Dr Jake was selected to become a trainer for Dermocosmetica, an Australian-distributor of the bio-remodelling treatment. In this role he trains and support other injectors wanting to learn how to use this. He is one of the most experienced users of this product in the country. 


In 2023 Dr Jake was selected as a trainer for Rejuran, a new range of injectable products containing polynucleotides. Dr Jake will travel to Korea to attend the Rejuran Global Symposium in October and bring back this knowledge to help lead the roll out of Rejuran training across Australia.

Aesthetic ultrasound

Dr Jake is one of very few injectors in Australia who has incorporates aesthetic ultrasound into his practice. Having trained in Paris with the world's leading ultrasound users in 2022 (Dr Leonie Schelke & Dr Peter Velthuis), he brought this additional skill back to his clinics to help improve the safety of certain treatments and scope of his practice. Facial aesthetic ultrasound is now seen by many as the gold standard  to help patients who have suffered filler complications or to help assess patients who need help with filler dissolving.


Dr Jake also co-hosted and co-led the world's leading ultrasound training course for injectors in Sydney with Dr Velthuis.

Podcast co-founder & co-host

In 2019 Dr Jake co-founded a podcast called 'Inside Aesthetics'. It has become the world's most downloaded aesthetics podcast and a channel for injector and industry-wide education.


Inside Aesthetics has now been listened to over 1.5 million times in over 100 countries (as of December 2023). New episodes are released every Friday and now there are more than 240 episodes available. 

Sitting alongside the podcast Jake also offers injectors extra education, support and networking via  Patreon. Patreon is an app where injectors can subscribe monthly or annually.

Stay up to date - follow Dr Jake on Instagram

For up to date news, please follow Dr Jake's Instagram profile. Here he share's his work, his opinions and updates his followers on what he's up to. By scrolling through his posts, reels and stories, you'll get a good idea about who he is, see examples of his work and understand what his attitude to aesthetics (and life!) is. 


Dr Jake doesn't hold back from saying things how they are and won't shy away from discussing controversies or awkward topics. This attitude shines through in his consultations and he will be totally honest about how he can or can't help his patients.

He also occasionally advertises model opportunities on Instagram for training days when he's looking for particular facial features or you can apply online for future opportunities by clicking here

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