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Dr Jake Sloane is originally from the UK. He trained as a general surgeon in both London and Sydney for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in several sub-specialties including colorectal, trauma and breast surgery.


At the same time as training as a surgeon, Dr Jake completed his first training course as a cosmetic injector in 2008. Over time and with 15 years of experience behind him, he has become known for his innovative style and outstanding results.


After over a decade devoted to public hospital work and juggling injectables on the side, in 2017 Dr Jake left surgical training to focus on a career as an aesthetic doctor and injector. He’s recognized as one of Australia's leading thought leaders and trainers. 


Just like an artist or architect, each injector has their own style and way of seeing a face.  Therefore it’s vital to try and find a good match with your own injector and Dr Jake will explore your outlook, values and taste in your consultation. He will politely decline treating patients who already have or who want a more augmented look as this does not fit with his own aesthetic.


He also works closely with Dr Toni Pikoos, a clinical psychologist who specialises in Body Dysmorphia Disorder for patients who need specialist support with their body image and mental health.

Key Opinion Leader & trainer

In June 2018, Dr Jake was invited to become a key opinion leader (KOL) and trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, the world's leading facial aesthetics company. In this role, Dr Jake works as a consultant & educator to lead anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and fat dissolving training for doctors and nurses across Australia and beyond. He is also an internal trainer for Allergan staff helping to up-skill their national team of trainers.

In 2022, Dr Jake was invited to become a trainer for Dermocosmetica, an Australian-distributor of the new skin bio-remodelling filler. In this role he trains and support other injectors wanting to learn how to use this new generation of filler.

Global mentorship

In January 2020, Dr Jake was selected as one of only 55 doctors across the world to be part of the 'MD Codes™ Mentorship programme'. The MD Codes™ is an advanced consultation, facial assessment and injecting technique. It has helped Dr Jake become one of the most skilled injectors in the world.


In this programme, Dr Jake underwent two years of mentorship under Dr Mauricio De Maio to become an expert MD Codes™ trainer. This was a huge honour for Dr Jake's work to be recognised and will help facilitate better injector training in the future.

In 2022, Dr Jake was invited to continue his elite level training on the ‘MD Codes™ Train the Trainers’ programme. 

Podcast co-founder & co-host

In 2019 Dr Jake co-founded a podcast called 'Inside Aesthetics'. It's become the world's biggest aesthetic podcast and is now a mandatory channel for injectors and the industry globally. 


Inside Aesthetics has now been listened to over 1 million times by fans in over 100 countries (as of February 2023). New episodes are released every Friday and now there are more than 200 episodes available. 

Aesthetic ultrasound

Dr Jake is one of very few injectors in Australia who incorporates aesthetic ultrasound into his practice. Having trained in Paris with the world's leading ultrasound users, (Dr Leonie Schelke & Dr Peter Velthuis), he brought this skill back to his clinics to help improve safety when injecting high risk areas. Facial ultrasound is also now seen as the gold standard  to help patients who have suffered filler complications or who need expert filler dissolving.


In 2022, Dr Jake co-hosted and co-led the world's leading ultrasound training course for injectors in Sydney.

Brand partnerships

Dr Jake has previously partnered with Skinceuticals, the world's leading authority on skincare. He helped launched Skinceutical’s Custom D.O.S.E device in February 2021, promoting healthy skin and optimising skincare with this revolutionary device.


In September 2021, Dr Jake was also invited onto the expert panel of AMET (Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team), a new service across Australia that helps injectors with queries, complications and emergencies. In this role, Dr Jake will act as an advisor and help manage deoxycholic acid (fat dissolving) injection issues experienced by injectors.

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