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How to book and prepare for a consultation

On this page you'll find everything you need to help you understand how things work both before your treatment and on the day. It's vitally important to treat injectables as a medical service - they are not beauty treatments. There is always some downtime with treatments and rarely, complications can occur. To help anticipate any issues and to minimise any risks, please take your time to read through this page.

Online bookings & consultation fees

Your booking and payments:

To book online click here


All consultations for new or returning patients are $250. This is payable you book in and acts as a consultation fee as well as a deposit.


If you choose to have a consultation only (no treatment on the day), a treatment is not advised (perhaps due to medical reasons) or you do not want to go ahead with a treatment for whatever reason, the $250 is not refundable or transferable to another day.

If however you proceed with a treatment on the day, the $250 is deducted from the total owing.


For no-shows or late arrivals where we don't have time to perform your treatment, the $250 is not refundable.


To read more detail about how Dr Jake's fees work, his full terms and policies, what to do if you are running late, are sick, how to cancel an appointment, his refund policy and how to arrange a complimentary review of a previous treatment, please click here

How do I know what to book?

Facial aging is complicated and you aren't expected to pick specific treatments from a menu. That would be far too simplistic instead Dr Jake will treat you like any other patient for a medical procedure. You'll first have a consultation and examination and he will guide on the day as to what you may benefit from.


To help keep things as simple as possible, there are only two booking options for new patients:

1) Consultation only (No treatment on the day) 30 minutes

This booking is suitable if you only want to have a discussion about what your options are. No treatment will be done on the day due to the time allocated.

2) Consultations for new patients (Treatment on the day if suitable) 60 minutes

This booking is suitable for anyone else, regardless of what type of treatment you think you might want or need. Dr Jake will go through all of your questions, options, perform clinical photos and examine you to design a bespoke treatment plan. If you are suitable and consent to proceed with a treatment on the day, a treatment will be offered within the 60 minute time slot.

What treatments might I be offered?

Anti-wrinkle treatments might be suitable if you are concerned with:

- wrinkles and expression lines such as frown lines, forehead lines, crow's feet

- downturned corners of the mouth

- a dimply chin on expression

- excessively large chewing muscles (masseters) leading to a square-shaped lower face

- teeth clenching or grinding symptoms

- excessive sweating of the underarms, scalp or hands

- chronic migraine symptoms 


Filler treatments might be suitable if you are concerned with:

- improving your facial volume

- improving hollowing of the face

- improving a tired look such as flattened cheeks, under eye hollows and tear troughs

- improving sagging or softening the jowls

- contouring your cheek shape

- improving your chin shape or projection

- improving your jawline shape

- improving temple hollowing

- improving the shape of the forehead 

- improving the shape of your nose

- improving the definition or volume of your lips

Bio-remodelling treatments might be suitable if you want to improve:

- hydration of the skin of face, neck, decolletage or back of the hands

- plumpness of the skin of the face, neck, decolletage or back of the hands

- improved 'glow' of the skin of the face

Rejuran treatments might be suitable if you want to improve:

- crepiness of the under eye, upper or lower eye lid skin or very fine lines of the surrounding eye areas

- the skin quality of the entire face (including the area around the mouth)

- crepiness of the skin of the neck or décolletage (chest)

- thin skin of the forehead (and where anti-wrinkle treatments don't seem to work as well for you)

Fat dissolving treatments might be suitbale if you want to improve:

- a double chin

- stubborn jowls (only suitable if you have thick skin and have good facial volume)

- the fat of the bra strap areas (front or back)

Dr Jake will recommend a planned sequence of treatments to best optimise your existing features and achieve the most natural looking results.

Treatment planning

Every patient is different but a step-wise approach for new patients is often suggested. Simpler and more affordable treatments may be recommended first and anti-wrinkle treatments are commonly a first step in your aesthetic journey. These are quick to perform, are more affordable than fillers and the results take a full 14 days to settle in. Patients are usually more comfortable doing something gradual and simpler in their first appointment and this help reduces anxiety about injectables and the perception of 'looking done'.


Patients will often worry about what their budget can cover and this again is why Dr Jake recommends going slowly and working towards bigger treatments such a significant volumes of filler.

Your treatments options will be explained in your consultation and you'll be taken through a consent form that explains the intended effect, anticipated downtime and risks of the procedure. 

Treatments on the day

  • Simple treatments like anti-wrinkle injections can easily be done on the day of your consultation if you are suitable.

  • Depending on time, your suitability and Dr Jake's assessment, small volumes of fillers can also be done on the day of your consultation.

  • Occasionally however there may a good reason to delay treatment - for example if you need more time to think things over or for medical reasons when fillers are contraindicated (scroll down below for a list of scenarios where fillers will need to be delayed). In this scenario you can of curse rebooked for a future appointment but your consultation fee is not refundable or transferable.

Please come alone to your appointment

You might not have thought about it, but cosmetic consultations are often very personal conversations. We therefore have a policy that all aesthetic consultations and treatments are done privately without your partner, children, family members or friends in the room. They won't be allowed into your consultation and there is limited space in our waiting areas so please come alone.


Speaking to Dr Jake alone avoids any unintended pressure to do (or not do) a treatment. You'll have an in depth discussion about your medical history, your features, your feelings and your goals - so this should be done without anyone else's judgement or influence.

Whilst we understand that it's not easy to juggle child care, our clinics have a strict child-free policy. Our clinics have limited space and our staff's cannot be responsible for minding children. We aim to provide a quiet environment where all of our patients can relax and we hope that you can enjoy a brief moment for some 'me' time. So please respect this policy so that our staff can focus their attention solely on you.

Keeping you safe for filler, bio-remodelling and Rejuran treatments

The following information is specific for fillersbio-remodelling treatments and Rejuran treatments. (If you are booking for anti-wrinkle treatment the below information is not relevant)

You will need to delay any planned fillers, bio-remodelling or Rejuran appointments if you are suffering from any of the following:


- if you're not feeling well or feel like you are coming down with something

- if you are suffering from any symptoms such a cough, a cold, runny nose or have a fever

- if you have a flare up of an auto-immune condition such a thyroid disease, rheumatoid, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, etc

- if you are suffering with allergies such a itchy eyes, hay fever, a runny nose, etc

- if you have a dental issue including needing a filling, have a painful tooth or are undergoing dental surgery such as an implant, root canals or gum surgery.

- if you are having surgery, a colonoscopy, a biopsy or some other invasive medical procedure

Why are these scenarios an issue?

When your immune system is triggered by an illness or your body is under stress, the immune system can occasionally recognise the filler or injectable material as 'foreign'. Therefore the risks of complications including filler infections, prolonged swelling, tenderness or unpredictable lumpiness of the injected product increases significantly.


If any of the above scenarios apply, please let us know and rearrange things to try and avoid these risks. Alternatively you can edit your booking yourself online by clicking here (this won't work if it is 72 hours of the appointment however) If you wake up on the day feeling unwell, please call or email the clinic with the details of what's happened. Reception will then try to reschedule you - you will not lose your $250 booking fee if you are ill and we will move you to our next available slot.

The same advice goes for dental or any other invasive procedure like surgery - especially problematic for filler treatments include fillings, crowns, implants or any invasive treatments. Please complete these appointments prior to having fillers with at least a 2 week gap and ensuring that you are well and fully healed. This is to avoid the possibility of bacteria entering the bloodstream, 'seeding' the filler and creating a chronic infection.

Bruising, swelling and downtime:

It's worth emphasising that bruises and swelling cannot be avoided by any injector. Injectable treatments involve needles and injections into the soft tissues and so they always result in some degree of downtime. 


If you have an important social event, work meeting, wedding or just simply aren't comfortable with people knowing that you’ve had injectables, it's strongly recommended that you plan your treatments whilst taking the expected downtime into account. This is especially true if you are new to these treatments and have no idea what to expect.


To try and reduce your risk of bruising, Dr Jake recommends avoiding the following at least five days before you undergo injectables:



-anti-inflammatory medicines (neurofen, ibuprofen, etc)

-fish or krill oils

-garlic/ginger supplements

Injectables & pregnancy:

If you're female and any of the following situations apply to you, you will not be able to have an injectable treatment:

  • you're actively trying for a baby (or not using contraception and could fall pregnant)

  • you're pregnant

  • you're preparing for or undergoing IVF

  • you're breastfeeding


We simply don't know the effect of injectable medicines in these circumstances as there have been no large scale studies to assess the safety of these. Please do not book a consultation if you are in one of these scenarios as you will not be treated and you will forfeit your consultation fee if you have to be cancelled on the day.

What happens after your treatment?

  • You'll be reminded what you can and can't do after your procedure

  • You'll be sent an automatic email straight after your treatments with a copy of the aftercare so you don't need to remember it. Please ensure that you accept emails from and check your junk box also.

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments are recommended every 3-4 months for the best results and the most consistent look. Dr Jake will recommend re-booking your next appointment before you leave the clinic so that you know you have a guaranteed booking and that it's in sync with your previous treatment.

Fillers are usually needed much less frequently but you'll be guided when your next session might be needed. If you have multiple filler sessions planned, these will also be booked before you leave the clinic.

What happens if you want to be reviewed?

Reviews after your treatment are complimentary and sometimes necessary. No medical treatments are guaranteed to go perfectly and occasionally a minor dose adjustment is needed.


 Reviews are a good opportunity for you to let Dr Jake know how things went and discuss any concerns that you might have. You can book a review on the day of your treatment before you leave the clinic or you can book online once you are home. If you can't find  a convenient space online, please call the clinic and we'll try to fit you in as best as we can.


Please use this option only after 14 days from your anti-wrinkle date.


This is useful if you think that you might need a minor revision or some additional product added.


Any additional product used will be charged per unit as normal.


Bruising, swelling and tenderness are part and parcel of filler treatments and will take a week or so to settle - reviews aren't usually needed for this.


But if you think you need to be reviewed, please allow 3-4 weeks for the fillers to settle before booking in. (Any additional fillers requested will be charged for per ml as usual)

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