Dr Jake in clinic

consultations with Dr Jake

Whether you're new to treatments or have had injectables before, it's important to have a thorough, in depth consultation first. 

When you book in online, consultations are divided into:

new patients

Consultation only - no treatment on the day

(30 mins)


Consultation + anti-wrinkle treatment

(45 mins)

Consultation + filler treatment (60 mins)

Consultation + filler treatment + anti-wrinkle treatments - 60 mins)

returning patients

Anti-wrinkle treatment (30 mins)

Filler treatment (45 mins)

Filler treatment + anti-wrinkle treatments (45 mins)

Fat dissolving treatment (45 mins)

Treatment review - anti-wrinkle treatments (15 mins)

Treatment review - filler treatments (30 mins)

consultation only (30 mins) - book this option if you don't want to commit to a treatment on the day

consultation + anti-wrinkle treatment only (45 mins)- book this option for anti-wrinkle injections. These are used to softening lines of the upper face such as the frown, forehead, crow's feet areas. You can also use this booking for other types of anti-wrinkle injections such as facial slimmingteeth grinding, gummy smile treatments

consultation + filler treatment (60 mins) - book this option for filler treatments such as facial volumisation, softening hollows, sagging, lip shaping or to improve the shape of the chin or jawline.

consultation + filler treatment + anti-wrinkle treatment (60 mins) - book this option for both a filler treatment and an anti-wrinkle treatments in the same session. 

returning patients:

anti-wrinkle treatment (30 mins) - book this option if you've seen Dr Jake before and have already been treated previously with anti-wrinkle injections by him

filler treatment (45 mins) - book this option if you've seen Dr Jake before for fillers or have planned a filler treatment in a previous consultation

filler treatment + anti-wrinkle treatment (45 mins) - book this option if you've seen Dr Jake before and want both fillers and an anti-wrinkle treatment at the same time

fat dissolving treatment - book using this option only if you've had a previous fat dissolving treatment or have planned your first fat dissolving session in a consultation with Dr Jake

why aren't there booking options like cheek, jawline or tear trough filler?

In your consultation, Dr Jake will work with you to determine what's needed and how to maximally improve your existing features. The best facial aesthetics treatments are a combination and balancing of all of your features together so that the results look anatomical and natural. 


Dr Jake rarely treats isolated areas of the face on their own because this approach is usually too simplistic and the treated areas may not blend with the surrounding anatomy. (The classic example being lip fillers that don't suit the rest of the face)


A sensible treatment plan will be made during your consultation and you'll be quoted prior to committing to a treatment.

what will be discussed during a filler consultation?

When assessing your face, there are numerous and predictable sites of facial aging that might need treating. Dr Jake will do this in an depth consultation, taking clinical photographs and examining your face. These steps help distil down what your aesthetic priorities are and design a logical treatment plan.


Every face is different but you age will often dictate what steps are needed. 


1) Foundation - just like when renovating a building, ageing faces first need to have their foundations improved. Here the mid face (cheeks) are usually addressed to restore facial volume, improve signs of tiredness and support the lower face.

2) Contour - here the lower face is usually treated by strengthening the chin +/- the jawline and softening signs such as jowling. Upper facial contouring is also possible and here the temples, forehead and eyebrows might be considered to improve the overall look of the face

3) Refinement - smaller areas like the lips, tear troughs or naso-labial lines will benefit from improvement, but usually only after the foundations and contours have been addressed. Treating these areas without respecting the rest of the face and proportions can look out of place and 'fake'. (Lip fillers are a good example of this)


Injection areas are done strategically, in a specific order and of course not all of them are usually done in one go. But in your consultation Dr Jake will be looking at various features including:


- your facial shape

- your overall symmetry

- your facial proportions

- your profile view

- your forehead shape

- the muscles of facial expression in both the upper and lower face 

- your eyes, eyelids & eyebrows

- your facial volume, the distribution of this & the main areas of hollowing

- your nose, it's shape, the tip and the overall contour

- the lips including their volume, definition, projection & shape

- the area surrounding your mouth including skin quality, fine lines and support for the lip 

- your smile, teeth, dental hygiene, bite pattern and jaw movements

- your ear lobe volume

- distracting features (such as very obvious wrinkles or excessive skin laxity)

- your skin, it's texture, hydration, pigmentation & overall appearance

- your bone structure including the temples, cheeks, mid-face, chin & jaw

- the transitions between your face and your neck, the double chin area and upper chest

treatment planning

Every patient is different but a step-wise approach is most common, often starting with anti-wrinkle treatments and then fillers. Patients often worry about their budget and Dr Jake fully respects that you might decide to go slowly and work towards bigger treatments.

Once you understand your treatments options and have decided that you want to go ahead, you'll be taken through a consent form that explains the intended effect, anticipated downtime and risks of the procedure. 

treatments on the day

Simple treatments like anti-wrinkle injections or small volumes of fillers (1-3ml) are usually able to be done. Occasionally there's a good reason to delay treatment such as for medical reasons or you simply need time to think things over. In this scenario you'll be rebooked in on a convenient date that suits you.

what happens after your treatment?

You'll be reminded what you can and can't do after your procedure and Dr Jake will give you his contact details if you ever need him out of hours.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are recommended every 3-4 months for the best results and a consistent look. Dr Jake will recommend re-booking your next appointment before you leave the clinic so that you know you have a guaranteed booking and that it's in sync with your previous treatment.

Fillers are usually needed much less frequently but you'll be guided when your next session might be needed. If you have multiple filler sessions planned, these will also be booked before you leave the clinic.

what happens if I need to be reviewed?

A complimentary review after your treatment is always offered. This is optional, free but an opportunity for you to let Dr Jake know how things went and discuss any issues that you may have noticed. This is best booked in advance before you leave the clinic but you can book it yourself later online. If there aren't spaces online, please call the clinic and we'll try to fit you in as best as we can.

Anti-wrinkle treatment reviews (15 mins) 

The review is designed for patients who think that they might need a minor revision or additional product.


Anti-wrinkle reatments take a full two weeks to settle in fully so reviews are best done at 2-3 weeks. 


Any additional product used will be charged per unit as normal.

Filler treatment review (30 mins)

This review is designed for patients who like to discuss their treatment results or a concern.


Bruising, swelling and tenderness are part and parcel of filler treatments, taking anything from 1 - 4 weeks to resolve fully. 

Any additional fillers used will be charged for per ml as normal