model treatments

why does Dr Jake need models?

Dr Jake has become known as one of the leading injectors in Australia. His reputation is based on stunning, natural-looking results that are achieved by treating the entire face holistically. To showcase his work, he wants to build a comprehensive online portfolio of treatments that showcase everything that he does. This will help give people new to injectables a much clearer idea of what's involved before committing to a treatment.

This is where you come in! Models will get a first class treatment at a highly discounted rate. The images and videos taken of you may be used on Dr Jake's social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and this website. You therefore need to be comfortable with this if you apply to be a model.

what will it cost me?

The main barrier for most patients and injectables is the cost. When large volumes of product are needed, the price is usually out of most people's budget. Volunteering as a model will help you achieve your aesthetic goals but with a significant discount on your treatments.

Anti-wrinkle models

$8 per unit

(usual price $15)

Filler models

$325 per ml

(usual price $550-675)

Fat dissolving models

$375 per vial

(usual price $600)

what sort of models are needed?

Dr Jake is looking for all types of models - but especially those who are new to injectables and people who are looking for more than just a simple treatment. Models that Dr Jake is especially interested in treating:

  • patients who feel like their face has started to sag or that they have lost volume to their face

  • patients who look very tired, for example they have under eye hollows or dark circles

  • patients who need temple, forehead or orbital rim (also called 'A-frame') treatments

  • patients who don't like the profile of their nose, bumps on the bridge or need the nose tip subtly lifted

  • patients for fat dissolving treatments - areas include the double chin, bra strap fat (back or front) and the 'jowls' of the face (the best patients for this are under 40 years old with good skin quality)

  • younger patients wanting 'beautification' (combinations of cheek augmentation, lip enhancement and chin/jawline shaping)

  • patients of any age new to anti-wrinkle treatments

  • male patients for any treatment

how do i apply to be a model?

To streamline the selection process, please first text Dr Jake the following information on 0423796317:

  • your full name & your DOB

  • any medical conditions or issues (no matter how trivial you think it is, please list everything)

  • any medicines, vitamins or natural therapies that you take (including vitamins, fish oil, etc)

  • what treatments you've had done before (when, where and what products if you know)

  • describe what you've noticed about your features and why you want to be a model

  • 6 selfie photos in good light with a white background (front on and from 45 degrees each side):

      - 3 without any expression at all

      - 3 smiling and showing your teeth

After assessing your photos, Dr Jake will text you to confirm if he can treat you. If so, he'll text you:

  • a rough idea of your treatment options but a treatment plan can only be confirmed on the day

  • an online booking link where you can choose a Wednesday that's convenient for you - an $100 deposit will be payable online to secure the booking


If you want to know more about a treatment or locations, drop Dr Jake a quick message:

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