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Apply to be a model

Dr Jake is one of the leading injectors in Australia. His reputation is based on stunning, natural-looking results, achieved by treating the entire face holistically. Periodically he needs models when teaching other injectors.

Important information before applying

Models are needed periodically for specific dates to help train other injectors. These dates will be advertised on Dr Jake's Instagram stories or posts. 


Please do not apply with a list of treatments that you want or think you need. Training is designed to help new injectors learn specific techniques so you must be open to having specific treatments done if you are suitable. (If you apply with your own wish list or different requests to these, your application will be ignored)

Please don't apply as a model if you have had fillers before. New injectors need to understand how and why fillers are used. If you have had fillers before, it defeats the purpose of the teaching exercise and you will be turned away.

Please don't apply if you suffer with anxiety or have a needle phobia​. You will have lots of photos +/- videos taken of you for the event and people will be watching your treatment being done. You must be comfortable answering some questions to help the audience understand the process and how it felt for you. You will also need to give your written consent for your images or videos to be used for education or marketing purposes - so privacy about you treatment is not possible and you must be comfortable with this.

Sunday June 16th, 2024 event

Dr Jake is looking for a model who has:


- moderate signs of looking tired. This means you have volume loss of the cheek and under eye areas. If you have puffy eye bags, loose skin of the under eyes or are aged over 50,  please do not apply)

- frown, forehead and crow's feet lines and you would be happy having a treatment to soften these lines.

- on the day you'll be needed from approximately 16:30-20:30. Dr Jake will give a lecture first, then he will treat you on stage. This will involve a mini-interview with you on stage to explain why you  would like to be treated and so on. This will help educate the injectors in attendance and there is  no pressure to prepare any answers!

- You will need to be able to visit Dr Jake at one of his clinics prior to Sunday to ensure your suitability, medial history and have photos taken. (This will be booked by Dr Jake once you have applied and he has selected you)

Apply for June 16th 2024
(Taronga Zoo, Sydney)

I confirm that I'm not pregnant, trying for a baby or breast feeding
I confirm that I've not had previous fillers in the area to be treated


Face on - not smiling

Upload File

Face on - doing your biggest smile & showing your teeth

Upload File

Face on - frowning as strongly as you can

Upload File

Face on - raising your eyebrows as high as you can

Upload File

From exactly side on - not smiling and not extending your neck
(get someone to take this photo so that it is exactly side on)

Upload File

Thank you for applying. If you are a good candidate, Dr Jake will contact you directly 

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