Dr Jake training injectors

why does Dr Jake need models?

Dr Jake has become known as one of the leading injectors in Australia. His reputation is based on stunning, natural-looking results, achieved by treating the entire face holistically. Periodically he needs models when he is teaching other injectors or other modelling opportunities may involve him showcasing his work for marketing.

what will it cost me?

Any training where Dr Jake is teaching for Allergan Aesthetics will be free. For any other modelling opportunities you'll be advised if there are any costs before you are confirmed as a model.

am I an appropriate model?

Please do not apply unless you fit the below criteria:

- For all modelling opportunities, you must have have had anti-wrinkle treatments before

(We need to know that you are ok with needles and will not feel feint on the day)

- If you're applying to be a filler model, you can't have had that area treated before

(no matter how many years ago you previously had fillers - we need to teach on 'blank canvas' faces!)


- You will have lots of photos +/- videos taken of you for the event and people watch your

treatment being done. You must be comfortable with this and give your written consent

for your images or videos to be used for education or marketing purposes


Please tick the following if relevant:
Previous anti-wrinkle treatments
Previous fillers
Previous fat dissolving

For all anti-wrinkle or filler treatments, please upload the exact photos below:
(If you are applying for a fat dissolving treatment of the body, please send images of the body area instead wearing a bra and the clothing that you notice the bulge in)

Face on (not smiling)

Upload File

Doing your biggest smile (showing your teeth)

Upload File

From completely side on, not smiling

Upload File

Frowning as strongly as you can

Upload File

Raising your eyebrows as high as you can

Upload File

Thank you for applying. If you are a good candidate, Dr Jake will text you directly