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Aesthetic ultrasound & filler dissolving treatments 
tailored for you.

Dr Jake has trained in using facial ultrasound with the world's leading experts from Cutaneous Facial Ultrasound. Ultrasound is used to assess aesthetic patients and visualise what is beneath the skin in a completely non-invasive way. This can be incredibly useful for example if you have old filler that you don't like, it can be targeted with tiny quantities of filler dissolver.


We can also look inside the tissues and look for the location of the larger blood vessels that we need to avoid before placing fillers (known as 'vascular mapping'.) Ultrasound is also sometimes used when injecting routine filler or anti-wrinkle patients  for more accurate placement of the products and for safer outcomes. 

What are aesthetic ultrasound & filler dissolving treatments treatments?

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Aesthetic ultrasound - Dr Jake Sloane Sydney

What are the benefits


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Safer injecting

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Outstanding satisfaction

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Excellent longevity

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If you're new to aesthetic ultrasound & filler dissolving

New patient consultations - 60 mins


Existing patients consultations - 45 mins


Both the consultation & treatment can be done on the day

Ultrasound visualisation is first done to check one or more areas


Each session including filler dissolving is $900


Rarely extras sessions may be required if larger amounts need removing

Filler dissolving is a tricky process and is often bits are missed


Ultrasound can be more precise and use far less filler dissolver it can also be used in emergencies like vascular occlusions




Price guide

Dr Jake is one of very few injectors in Australia who uses ultrasound to visualise the underlying anatomy of face. This can be used to diagnose and treat issues from previous fillers including:


Filler lumps or swellings obvious asymmetry

On/off puffiness of an area over-filled areas

Loss of lip definition from previous fillers or filler 'migration' Vascular occlusions (emergencies)


Filler dissolving usually only takes one session, but occasionally further sessions might be required - for example if there is a lot of filler to dissolve.

If you've had a treatment performed by another injector and are unhappy with the outcomes, please ask your previous injector for the notes of the treatment including the date of the treatment/s, the volumes and brands used and where they were injected in the face. This will help streamline the consultation and improve the likelihood of success.


Per session



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