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I want to look less angry

Frowning is the most common facial sign of anger. Having the tendency to frown can also be perceived by those you interact with as being unfriendly or unapproachable. It is the most common reason that people first seek a cosmetic consultation. Sometimes the way we look isn't how we actually feel on the inside - and a strong frown is the most obvious manifestation of this.


We learn the key facial expressions from our parents from a young age, so it's unconscious and we have little control over it! But we frown for many reasons - when we're deep in thought, when we're working using a computer or even just when we squint on a bright sunny day. So frowning isn't always used as an expression to show anger - and yet the perception of this expression to others is that the person is angry, less approachable or unfriendly in some way.

The second common feature of looking angry is tension around the mouth. This can happen for numerous reasons but anything that contributes to increased tension of the muscles around the mouth and lips can give the impression of pursing of the lips and this is perceived as a sign of anger from a communication perspective.

How can I look less angry?

For issues like the frown lines, in your consultation we will explore treatments that help relax the muscles the are involved. More than just softening the lines themselves, anti-wrinkle treatments can soften the look of the entire eye and brow complex making it less harsh and more attractive.

For tension around the mouth, this may involve a number of different treatment options involving both anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers. Tension around the mouth is multi-factorial and is related to facial volume loss, lower facial muscle over-activity but also a change in the quality of the skin around the mouth.

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