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Inside Aesthetics

Inside Aesthetics (IA) is a podcast founded and hosted by Dr Jake & his good friend David Segal. With over 1.7 million listens of 249 episodes to date as of March 2024, Inside Aesthetics has become the world's most listened to podcast in the industry.


As time has gone on, it's become clear that IA is more than a podcast - it's now a vital educational channel that injectors and others in our industry rely on to keep their knowledge up to date. New episodes are released every Friday discussing a wide range of topics including aesthetics, injectables & business insider knowledge.

How to listen

Click below on the app of your choice & subscribe for free & new episodes of IA every week

Inside Aesthetics on Apple Podcasts

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Inside Aesthetics on Spotify

Spotify, the world's most popular music app also has podcasts!  (Best for Android users)

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