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Dr Jake - Injector Mentoring


Dr Jake has a limited number of days per year for Patreon subscribers to join him in a relaxed setting and to observe how he works. Here you can ask him anything you like, listen to his discussions with his patients and observe his injecting.


In Australia, any nurse, doctor or dentist can inject - regardless of their skill set or qualifications. The Australian injectables market is also very unique compared to other countries. This is largely due to how the larger chain clinics have dominated the field. They have influenced pricing, our patient expectations and how many injectors are trained and approach their work.


Yet the competition is fierce and things are rapidly changing. New clinics are opening and new toxins and fillers will be introduced to the market. If injectors don't continually up-skill, challenge themselves and seek out new knowledge, they run the risk of being left behind by hungrier and more open-minded injectors. 


It's also difficult to learn or progress when you're also trying to juggle making a living and not putting your patients at risk with new techniques. This is where a lot of injectors get stuck in a rut and many will limit their typical offering to anti-wrinkle treatments, cheek and lip fillers. This is a problem for both the injectors and their patients - treatments aren't tailored to their patients needs and poor outcomes can creep in. At the same time, injectors risk becoming bored of their jobs and burn out can become a real issue.

What does Dr Jake know about mentoring?

Every professional needs ongoing development and no-one is perfect. When Dr Jake was a surgical trainee, every operation he did was observed, scrutinised, graded and documented in an online logbook that he had to present to the surgical college each year. This proved his experience and competency for practical skills that were learnt through hard work,  experience and over time. This type of accountability may never exist in facial aesthetics, but the best injectors can choose to differentiate themselves by deliberately seeking out opportunities to grow and improve in everything that they do. 

In 2020, Dr Jake was selected by Allergan Aesthetics to take part in a global mentorship programme under Dr Mauricio De Maio. Over a period of two years, he had to film himself injecting cases, present his work and perform to the highest of standards. His work was compared to 50 other leading doctors from 12 countries.


Each injectors videos were watched by the mentorship group and critiqued. Every step was scrutinised including treatment planning, preparation and sterility, accuracy of markings, hand and finger positions, the stability of the needle and cannula work and every 0.05ml of filler used was observed and judged. No one could not hide in the process and it was a humbling experience for every mentee who took part. But in the end, it instilled incredibly high standards and a willingness to always aim to be better.

As a result of this mentorship, Dr Jake was identified in the top 8 injectors in the Asia-Pacifc region. He is now part of a new project called 'R.I.S.E' that will further develop his skills and allow him to help train and mentor injectors world-wide. 

 Dr Jake's background

Dr Jake Sloane mentoring background image


Dr Jake has become known as a leading injector in Australia and is an international key opinion leader and speaker. 


He's injected for 16 years and is respected in the industry for his no bullshit attitude whilst delivering stunning  and natural looking-results.


He co-founded 'Inside Aesthetics' podcast that's had over 1.6m listens in over 100 countries.

Dr Jake Sloane

Anatomy + Surgery

Dr Jake completed an Anatomy degree before going to Medical School. He then trained as a surgeon in the UK & Australia for over a decade.​ 

He taught at the Royal College of Surgeons England, training doctors in surgical techniques and supervised junior doctor to learn how to operate in theatre. With this background he has a unique skill set and understanding of how to teach hands on skills.

Dr Jake Sloane injecting strategy

Injecting philosophy

Dr Jake's philosophy is to approach each face with a bespoke methodology. Patients often have a list of wants that they want to achieve - but at the end of the day they aren't the experts, injectors are. 

He promotes full face treatments and utilises the a wide range of techniques. He believes in restoring the optimal anatomical foundations of the face and maximising someone's individual features.

Allergan Medical Institute

Allergan trainer & KOL

In 2018 Dr Jake become a trainer and key opinion leader for the Allergan Medical Institute. In this role he trains doctors and nurses in theory, hands on injecting and the latest anti-wrinkle and filler techniques.


He gets access to the latest training from world experts and also sits on Allergan advisory boards when new products are launched.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 11.25.39.png

Fat dissolving KOL

Dr Jake has been recognised as a 'super user' and an national key opinion leader in utilising Belkyra (Allergan's fat dissolving injections)

Since 2021, Dr Jake has been the fat dissolving expert panel member for Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team (AMET)

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 15.37.10.png

MD Codes™ & R.I.S.E

In January 2020, Dr Jake was selected as one of only fifty doctors globally to undertake a two year mentorship under Dr Mauricio De Maio.


Having completed this as one of the top performers,  he has now been chosen as of one eight doctors in the Asia-Pacific region for a new project called R.I.S.E (to fast track Dr Jake onto the global training stage)

Things to think about before booking a shadowing session

To get the most out of your shadowing session, it's important to be honest about what your current level is. Shadowing is most useful for injectors who already have some experience and want to refine and observe Dr Jake on a normal working day. Therefore it's not suggested for new injectors who are more likely seeking more basic training, new techniques and a more guided approach to training.


 To help plan the session, have a think about the typical patients that you currently see:


  • Who are they?

  • What demographic are you attracting?

  • Do you treat men too?

  • Does this demographic suit your own aesthetic and skill set? 

  • Do you enjoy working with these patients?

  • What is your skill set when encountering trans patients? 


Then have a think about what you're maybe not so good at and try to clarify what you'll most benefit from in a session being with Dr Jake. It's best to be brutally honest with yourself and think about your last year or two of injecting including:


  • Do you resort to cookie cutter patterns with toxins?

  • Do you stick to doing lip and cheeks because they are easy?

  • What have you struggled with that perhaps now makes you anxious?

  • Are you getting any bad outcomes that you can't easily explain?

  • What areas do you avoid injecting?

  • Do you get frequently find that you have tricky consultations?

  • Do you frequently have unhappy patients?

  • Are you anxious about injecting?

  • Do you feel out of your depth sometimes?

  • Have you had many complications?

  • What have you learnt from your complications to help avoid them again?

There's also the business and professional side of things to consider:

  • How many complaints have you had in the last 12 month?

  • What did you do about these complaints?

  • Do you have frequent issues like patients cancelling last minute, not wanting to pay deposits, etc?

  • What friction points keep cropping up that are making your life difficult?

What a shadowing session might include:

These sessions will be in Dr Jake's clinic with his own patients. Each day will be different and no guarantee can be made for what patients come in for. But you'll definitely see a mixture of:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments patients - using Botox

  • Filler treatments - using the Juvederm Vycross range

  • Bio-remodelling treatments - using Profhilo

  • Bio-regenerative treatments - using Rejuran

  • Fat dissolving patients - using Belkyra

  • Ultrasound +/- filler dissolving treatments

Things to think about:

The day won't be formal and you can get whatever you want out of it. At 08:30am Dr Jake will meet you before his clinic to have a breakfast meeting (included in the price) to discuss your background, your clinic, your current level and what your needs are. But things to think about might include:

  • See how Dr Jake set's up his room, what needles and syringes he uses, etc

  • Have a look at his booking system and explore how it functions

  • Revise Botox reconstitution, dosing and watch facial assessments and treatments

  • Learn to fine tune consultations and look at Dr Jake's paperwork for each consultation type

  • Understand the purpose and basics of clinical photography

  • Differentiating between a patient's wants vs their needs

  • Understand filler treatment planning, total face treatment planning

  • How to treat patients emotions and the 'messages' of their face

  • Get confidence in discussing and treating the entire face

  • Business & social media tips

How to book in:

Shadowing days are only available to Patreon subscribers

Venue: Infinity Skin Clinic, Surry Hills - Tuesdays (08:30 - 19:00)


The day costs $2000 and includes breakfast, teas/coffees and lunch


Shadowing days are limited on a  first come, first served basis

Please fill out the application form below. Dr Jake will review your information. If suitable and he can accomodate your date, he will send a payment link to your email. Once payment is received, you'll be added to our Patreon Shadowing Whatapp group for easier communication.

What month do you want to shadow Dr Jake?

Thanks for submitting!

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