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Filler treatments tailored
for you.

Dr Jake Sloane has a reputation for creating stunning but natural results with fillers. Depending on your age, sex, ethnicity and features, your needs will very different and this is why there are no set prices for generic treatments like 'cheek fillers', 'jawline fillers' or similar.


In your consultation Dr Jake will first get an understanding of your 'wants' and what you think about your own features. This helps guide the treatment possibilities discussed, what options might be offered to you and how quickly you may want to do them.  


Every patient and face is special and so a treatment plan is often mapped out over a period of time to achieve holistic results.

What are filler treatments for?

Despite the name, filler treatments can achieve far more than just the 'filling' of an area. Instead it's best to think of fillers as treatments that can subtly soften, blend, contour, sharpen or highlight certain features of the face to improve the overall look.


A beautiful filler result from a skilled injector should be appreciated but not necessarily 'seen', because it simply blends into the surrounding features. This is why you can't tell if someone with a good result has had fillers or not.

By law in Australia, we aren't allowed to advertise the brand names of any medicines - including the brands of any injectable products or fillers. This is why you'll see these types of treatments generically referred to as 'fillers' but there is an incredibly diverse range of fillers including different thicknesses and technologies. 


Dr Jake only uses the Allergan brand of structural fillers because he has had extensive training and experience in using these products. He is national & international speaker in using these fillers and also teaches injectors how to get the best out of using these products.


Key features of filler treatments 


New patient filler consultations + treatments = 60 mins.

​Existing patient consultations + treatments = 45 mins.

Full face indications

Common areas to treat include the cheeks (midface), under eyes, lips, chin & jawline. Dr Jake also treats more advanced areas including the forehead, temples, eyebrows, eye-socket hollows (A-frame deformity), nose, earlobes and hands.

Outstanding satisfaction

In Dr Jake's hands the results of fillers are immediate & long-lasting with minimal downtime.

Excellent longevity

Dr Jake Sloane will suggest the right volume of filler for each facial region. Fillers tend to last far longer than patients often realise and Dr Jake will guide you each time you see him whether this is key - to avoid looking over-done or puffy.

If you're new to fillers

New patient filler consultations are 60mins. Clinical photos & facial examination will be performed and then a bespoke treatment plan is designed for you. Initial treatments are typically be done on the day as time allows.

Filler treatments are priced on a bespoke basis and depend on what areas are treated and your pre-existing volume loss & tissue quality. This dictates how many syringes (mls) of filler are recommended and the overall cost.

Filler results are visible immediately but get better over 4 weeks as the filler  settles in and 'integrates'.  Dr Jake will recommend the minimum amount of filler needed to create the result you need and will never repeat treatments if they aren't needed.

  • Every filler patient will experience some degree of swelling, tenderness +/- bruising. One to two weeks of mild down time will always occur after filler treatments and this is a normal soft tissue response to the needles or cannulas used to place the fillers.

  • This period should be factored into your diary, work arrangements and social life before you commit to a treatment. The vast majority of Dr Jake's patients will happily go to work the next day with no problems but new patients are reminded that these treatments are medical procedures and not beauty treatments. 

Price guide

Dr Jake will go through your specific needs during your consultation and create a bespoke treatment plan for your features.


He doesn't advertise 'cheek', 'jawline' or any other facial areas as a package or a set price because it's impossible to know what you'll need until you face has been examined.

Priced according to how many units are required









Additional mls


Filler treatment possibilities