Filler dissolving - Dr Jake Sloane

filler dissolving

why would fillers need dissolving?

Filler are an incredibly versatile tool for creating beautiful and youthful results. But because of how easily available and cheap they can be, sometimes things don't go as planned. Common reasons that patients need to have their fillers dissolved include:

- lumps and bumps

- a poor cosmetic outcome

- long term puffiness (common with under eye fillers)

- an obvious asymmetry of the fillers

- filler 'migration' (common with lip fillers)

who should do filler dissolving?

All injectors should be trained how to dissolve fillers and so patients in this situation are encouraged to always see their original injector first.  They will know what product was used, how it was injected and a reputable injector would want to continue you care. Injectable results aren't guaranteed and even in the best hands, occasionally dissolving is required. 


But if you would like a second opinion from Dr Jake, you can book in online for a dissolving consultation and if suitable, the fillers can be dissolved.

can all fillers be dissolved?

The majority of fillers used these days are made from a sugar-based gel. These fillers can be broken down by injecting a filler dissolving product. Filler dissolving can be immediate or may take several sessions. Each brand of filler is different and how easy they are to dissolve is related to how much filler was injected previously and how long it has been since the injection.